Monday, 10 October 2011

X factor

2nd post of the day, im feeling rather posty :)
I just have to make a comment on the X Factor. I really dont know why i watch this programme, it just annoys me! First Louis puts through that irritating Johnny and mental Goldie and NOT the amazing Sam...then he gives Johnny a mega camp Cher song and sticks him in a tin foil coat (LOVED Garys comment "what are you wearing? You look like your ready for the oven." hahaha!) talk about taking the p*ss!

The tin foil idiot.

Then poor Jonjo gets sent home! Louis needs a reality check, what is it with him and his circus acts? I know theres got to be a certain amount of "entertainment" but i thought the X Factor was all about finding the next big talented popstar? I really cant imagine Johnny getting a number one.
I'm gutted Amelia Lily went, shes fab. I like all of Kellys girls though so it was hard to decide who should have gone.

Heres who i think had the best and worst makeup and outfits from Saturdays show-

Worst makeup, Kitty-

Sorry love but you look like a bloke in drag. This might have looked nice on someone with a delicate pretty face but not on Kitty crazy man features.

Best makeup, Sam-

This is such an improvement from Sams usual makeup (i thought she was abit of a mess to be honest) The vampy red lips and sparkling eyes make her look so glamourous. She was dressed lovely too.

Worst outfit, Amelia Lily-

Hooker alert! What on earth were they thinking? I know they were going for an edgy rock chick look but she just looks trashy! Amelia is so pretty with a lovely figure and this outfit just does nothing for her. I didnt like her makeup either, her eyes looked evil.

Best outfit, Sophie-

Sophie looked so different! I LOVE her top and the shoes... Her shoes gave me actual goosebumps! I need these shoes in my life, please tell me if you know where theyre from!

So there we have it, do any of you agree with me? Disagree maybe? Any of you out there that actually like Johnny?

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  1. I agree that Sophie had the best outfit and makeover, I think she'll be the underdog of the competition, she sounded stunning the other night! x

  2. Yeah i agree. She isnt an obvious winner but i think she will get better and better each week. I like how all the girls voices are different. Janet is my favourite, shes so sweet and innocent, i dont think she realises how good she is x

  3. was sad to see Amelia Lily go but like all the girls x


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