Monday, 30 January 2012

I hate money!

Well... I don't... its the lack of money that I hate really f****g detest! This month has been a struggle, we've had to borrow from numerous friends and family members, which really annoys me. I really dislike being in debt with people. Me and Mr.A really need to get to grips with our finances, I just don't know what's coming in and going out. We are definitely spending more than we earn, I know that for sure. 

I wish...

People assume that because my husbands in the Army and I don't work that we are loaded, I wish! Mr.A is on a rubbish wage, my sisters boyfriend (who cleans portable toilets) earns more than my husband! Because I don't work certain members of Mr.A's family think I am rolling in benefits, I'm NOT. We hardly get anything. Once the bills have been paid and the food shopping's been done we are hardly left with anything. They forget that children grow very fast and feeding 3 children, myself, two dogs and a husband (with a very large appetite) costs quite a bit! Yes I've had nice things like my Christian Louboutins but they were bought when Mr.A had come into a bit of money. We wanted to save this money to go towards getting a mortgage but there were so many things that needed paying off we just though it would be better to clear our debts and start 2012 fresh. 
Our money situation isn't helped by the fact I am an obsessive shopper. Whether its for myself or the kids I like love spending money, not huge chunks of it but little bits here and there, like make up, jewellery and the odd item of clothing. All those little bits add up though, I know this. I think its time me and Mr.A sat down and went through our finances properly. We need to sort ourselves out, pronto!

I have made a promise not to spend any more money unless it is really necessary, so that means I will have less make up reviews and new purchases to blog about for now :-( 

All I have to say on this matter is... 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

I won a give away!

Last week I won Sadie's give away over at Eat Sleep Breathe Fashion I got the chance to choose my favourite item from her shop, Down the Rabbit Hole. I chose a beautiful oval chunky ring...

How pretty is this?

It came in this cute little butterfly bag with her business card attached to it.

On the back of the card she had hand written a note, so lovely!

Go check out Sadies blog and shop, she has some lovely items and for great prices.

Thanks for my ring Sadie :-)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Poll results

I've only just realised my poll has finished! Silly me. Outfit of the day is the winner so I shall do my very best to do more outfit posts :-) 
I'm thinking of doing a weekly poll, just on random things... like which is your favourite celebrity/ designer/ make up brand etc...What do you think?

My first consultation

I had a consultation with MYA (Newcastle clinic) today to get some more information about a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I was greeted by the receptionist who was very welcoming. She offered me a cup of tea and assured me my wait wouldn't be long. As soon as I'd finished my tea I was called in by Julie, my patient co-ordinator. She is here to "guide me though my journey with MYA". She herself has had cosmetic surgery, breast implants. She was so lovely, honest and made me feel at ease. She ran through my paper work and asked me a few questions about my health and body and what I'd like to achieve with surgery. 

I was expecting to find out more about the pricing but apparently the surgeon needs to assess me first to make an accurate decision. Until today I didn't realise how many different types of procedures there was. I am unsure whether I will need a "mini" tummy tuck or a "full one" whether my breasts actually only need an uplift, not implants, or maybe they need both? The surgeon will verify all this with me and Julie shall be there to guide me and help me make decisions such as sizing. I had a good feel of the implants they use and was shown some before and after photos of previous patients, including Imogen Thomas (former Big Brother contestant and most recently in the press for having an affair with Ryan Giggs). Apparently alot of the cast from The Only Way Is Essex have their surgery with MYA, and a few others too although I can't remember them all. 

I  have an appointment with a surgeon called Mario Russo, he has worked on patients as part of channel 4's show Embarrassing Bodies. If I don't feel right with him however I am able to change my surgeon.
I'm looking forward to my next consultation and am eager to find out what surgery is recommended and how much it would be.
I left the clinic after about an hour with a folder tucked under my arm containing lots of information, contact numbers and small print, feeling very positive and excited that I have finally made the first step to getting myself the body I feel I deserve.

I have another appointment at The Hospital Group on Monday but I'm not sure if I will be able to go, it depends if Mr.A can get time off work to take me and look after the children. I hope he can, I really want to get more than just one opinion.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Loreal Professional Mythic Oil

For awhile now there have been lots of hair "oil" products floating about, the one I've seen the most is Moroccan Oil. I have never tried it before, or any products like it, the price has put me off. It would be such a waste if I didn't like it. Alex from I'm a weapon of massive consumption blogged ages ago about getting a free sample of Loreals Mythic Oil.  I signed up in an instant, can't pass a freebie me! (Unfortunately the free sample offer is no longer running).

I'd totally forgotten about it until this arrived the other day...

I received a 3ml sample and was expecting it to be in a mini spray bottle (like some perfume samples come in.) but it wasn't, its just one of those annoying pull-off lids. 

Loreal say;
"Enriched with a precious blend of avocado and grape seed oil, this lightweight oil has been treating, pampering and transforming the look of hair across the nation, and we are proud to say that 91% of users who tried Mythic Oil would recommend it to a friend.

You can use Mythic Oil to create the perfect blow dry by applying to damp hair or after styling as a finishing touch to help control frizz and fly-aways."

I have been using the oil for a few days now and I REALLY like it. Some people love the feeling of freshly washed hair but I don't. I hate how bushy and frizzy my hair gets, I always end up trying to smooth it down with some of Mr.A's hair wax or hairspray , both of which I HATE the feeling off. This Mythic Oil however, is fab. It gives my hair such a gorgeous shine and smells beautiful. Only the tiniest amount is needed (bear in mind I have very short hair) and it banishes my fly-aways no problem. I'm still using the 3ml sample but am definitely going to buy full price when I run out

Loreal Professional Mythic Oil can be purchased here for £11.95 (125ml)

Garnier Body, Intensive 7 Days body lotion

A few weeks ago I spotted the new Garnier Body lotion. There are 5 different lotions, each containing L-Bifidus (basically their own made up name for Lysate of Bifidus) I couldn't find anything from the Garnier website that told me exactly what this is, but I googled it and came to the conclusion it is a bacteria often found in pro-biotic yoghurts which has repairing and moisturising properties.

The 5 different lotions are; Moisturising Aloe Vera for normal skin, Calming Honey for sensitive skin, Nutritive Mango Oil for dry skin, Softening Cocoa Butter for rough skin and Nourishing Shea Butter for extra dry skin.

As you can see from the photo above I chose the Softening Cocoa Butter one, not just because my skin can be really rough (mostly on the back of my arms) but because I'm a sucker for anything that smells edible.

Garnier say; 
This lotion is right for you if you moisturise your body's skin everyday, but feel that it becomes quickly dehydrated throught the course of the day, making skin feel dry, rough and uneven in tone.

Conditioning Lotion is powered by L-Bifidus* and naturally-based Cocoa Butter, specifically chosen for the moisture needs of dry, rough skin. Use daily for hydration that goes on and on.
- Satiny, nourishing texture
-Fast absorbing
- Non-greasy

*Lysate of Bifidus

I have been using this lotion everyday for over a week now and have to say it is pretty darn good! The smell is AMAZING, it reminds me of chocolate chip muffins, mmmm! Everytime I put it on I have a good sniff. Even my youngest, Lily, commented that I smelt nice and asked if I'd been eating chocolate biscuits, haha.
The consistency isn't too thick but not runny either, a small amount goes quite far. It rubs in nicely without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling behind. I have noticed with other lotions that after showering the next day my skin becomes quite dry again, but with the Garnier 7 days lotion my skin is still pretty soft. I used this about half an hour ago all over my body except my face. It has sunken into the skin nicely, feels silky soft and is making me want to eat chocolate!

Previously I was a big fan of The Body Shop's body butters but  have to say I am now converted to Garnier 7 days. In my opinion, it smells nicer, results last longer, feels nicer on the skin and is way cheaper!

The Garnier 7 days range is available here currently on offer from £1.99

Have you tried anything from the Garnier 7 days range?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Credit Expert- Glad I signed up!

Non beauty related post but I thought it was worth mentioning.
UK readers are probably familiar with the old "credit expert" advert on TV... that funny little Chinese man that talks funny? 

See the advert here, he's a funny little thing...

Anyway... I hadn't taken much notice of the free 30 day trial they were offering until I applied for a loan with my bank...
I was rejected and couldn't think why, so I decided to sign up to The Credit Expert and I'm so glad I did!
I didn't really know what to expect but I have learnt quite a bit from it.
There are 3 negative factors affecting my credit score (which is low by the way, booo!) -

My account's status is currently filed as "Default".. It goes onto explain why... basically me and Mr.A opened a joint account last year and for some reason they kept charging us for going into our overdraft. So we had it out with them, it all blew up, Mr.A refused to pay them for a good 4 months. We eventually did and they closed the account. I didn't realise that this has effected both of our credit scores so much. As a result my account will remain in "Default" for SIX YEARS!! There's no way I'm getting a loan any time soon :-(

The second negative factor is the Electoral role. I never bothered to be on it before we got married, I didn't vote so I didn't bother adding my name to the roll, and to be honest I didn't really get what it was all about! I am on it now but because I wasn't previously it has had a negative effect on my score :-( 

Lastly, companies which had previously had "access" to my credit report have left "footprints" which gives a negative score. Things like applying for store cards (in my case a New Look card) or applying for a loan. For some reason a company called Express Gifts LTD has accessed my profile and I have no idea why! I've got to follow that one up.

There's lots of help on the website regarding your report, they show you ways of how to improve your score, and can match you up with suitable loan companies and insurers (without leaving those nasty footprints!)
I'm not going to pay £14.99 a month when my trial ends, there's no point. My account is in default for the next six years and there's nothing I can do about it :-( I'm so annoyed its been affected so badly! If there was something I was able to do though I definitely would, I'd keep my credit expert account and check my score over time to see how its improving. 

If you have been having trouble getting a loan or being accepted for finance I really do recommend using the 30 day trial offer with The Credit Expert. 

Click image above to visit the website.


My lovely sister bought me some fab leggings for my birthday. I have been after some leopard print ones for awhile now but always find the print on them too "in your face" and tacky looking. These ones from New Look are exactly what I'd been looking for, I love 'em!

Excuse the feet (I should have cropped them off really...)
I bought this blouse ages ago from Primark, I have it in a beige colour too. I love oversized shirts, they're pretty and come in handy when your having a fat day!

Closeup of my leggings

I bought this from Burton Menswear in the sale for about £2... I wasn't sure if it was a little too "bling" for my liking but I think it looks ok with no other jewellery.

Animal print leggings available here for £14.99

Oh, nearly forgot to mention I have another appointment booked for a cosmetic surgery consultation on Monday 30th January, I will definitely be going to this one!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cosmetic surgery consultation & weight update

On Friday I had a consultation booked for half 1 with The Hospital Group. Unfortunately me and Mr.A had an argument over money (as usual!) , he didn't get home from work in time to take me anyway :-( The good news is, I am booking another appointment for the Friday coming up and will definitely be going to this one! Mr.A was worried I would be forced into going ahead with the procedures and handing over the cash, he knows how convincing people can be when they want to make a "sale". Money is a big worry for us at the moment but I explained to him that there is no harm in me getting opinions and using this consultation as research, and have assured him I won't be "forced" into saying yes. 

Weight update...
I have lost a total of two pounds in the last two weeks :-) I am really pleased as I wasn't expecting to lose anything at all. With all the over eating at Christmas and lack of exercise the week before last, I was positive I would gain weight, but no! I am feeling much better now I'm back on track, hopefully the weight loss will continue and I will reach my goal of  9 and a half stone. 

Friday, 20 January 2012

I'd like your input

I've added a little poll to the right hand side to find out what you would like to see more of on Dragon Mommy. So please vote, it only takes a second and would mean alot to me :-)

On a different note, I have my consultation with The Hospital Group this afternoon. I'm not entirely sure I am going to go though. I really want to but Mr.A is having worries. He thinks I shall be forced into signing a contract and handing over the dosh (which we don't actually have at the moment!). We were looking into getting a loan but because of issues with our ex electricity supplier our credit history isn't very good. There are finance options with The Hospital Group and other cosmetic surgery clinics but again we are not sure they would accept us. Mr.A has been stressing over it and it has caused tension between us, which is the last thing I want. I've left him a message asking him to let me know if we are still going or not. Personally I don't see the harm in going and getting an opinions and some idea of cost.  If we do go, I shall be sure to post about it when I come home. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

FOTD- Smoky Metallic

Ozzy decided to be quiet this morning so I had a little play with my make up and came up with this. It's not an everyday look, it's more something I'd wear for a night out with dramatic eyelashes. I'm more for au-natural during the day :-)

I am wearing the two metallic grey shades from the Blink + Go make up compact 2 (greys) which I had in my Glossybox a few months back. I also used the pearly white shade to highlight.
I used a black liquid eyeliner to define my eyes, with a small flick at the end. I lined my lower waterline with a black khol pencil and added two coats of mascara to both top and bottom lashes. The mascara I am wearing is Tarte cosmetics "Lights, Camera, Lashes". I had a mini one with my True Blood make up palette and it is fab! It goes on really well and gives me longer, fuller lashes without giving the spider legs effect. Definitely going to re-purchase in full size, although I haven't actually found it on any UK websites!

Blink + Go Grey make up compact is available here for £14.95

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

When plastic surgery goes too far

As you may know I am looking into getting a tummy tuck and breast implants (see post here) I have being doing my research and obviously looked into surgery going wrong. That got me thinking about celebrities that have had plastic surgery and gone way too far. The obvious one that sprung to mind was Michael Jackson but we all know what he looked like so theres not much point in me posting a photo of him. But here are some others, I'm sure you will be familiar with most of them...

Donatella Versace-

Jocelyn Wilderstein-

Latoya Jackson-

Pete Burns-

Priscilla Presley-

Leslie Ash-

Alicia Douvall (I couldn't find a before picture anywhere!)-

Victoria Beckham-

Tara Reid- 

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Delivery from Bershka

I had forgotten all about my purchase from Bershka until the delivery man knocked at my door not long ago. I am so impressed with the packaging I have photographed it to show you.

The paper insert is how to return unwanted items in lots of different languages.

Underneath my top was a black bag with "returns" printed on it. I love the fact they supply you with a postage bag.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"... yes I know it can come across as big headed but I don't care, I like it :-D

The dress on the lady is a lovely gold metallic. It looks alot more pricey than it actually is and I'm really happy that I bought it :-)

T-shirt available here for £9.99

Shoe fiasco!

Good morning little dragons, I'm not having much look when it comes to ordering things online. First the dress I wanted was out of stock, then the boots I ordered for my birthday. I ordered these from at the beginning of January...

...only to be told (after I'd paid for them!) that they were out of stock in my size and they had refunded me. I was rather annoyed buy luckily managed to find the exact same pair on So I quickly ordered them. That was over a week ago and I still haven't had them. I woke up this morning to an email from Chockers telling me they were out of stock and were still trying to get me a pair. I've asked them for a refund. I can't believe both times I have ordered these boots and paid for them, only to be told a whole WEEK later that they aren't available. I am so annoyed! 
When the refund comes through I am going to order these from Missguided instead...

Hopefully they will be in stock and shipped out to me ASAP!

Which pair do you prefer?

On a different note... I have been continuing my cosmetic surgery research and have booked a consultation with The Hospital Group in Newcastle this Friday. I shall be sure to let you know what happens/ what is said.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Leibster Blog Award

The gorgeous Beth at Birds Words has chosen me as her top five blogs to receive the Leibster Blog Award. Thankyou Beth! Its a shame she has already had it else I would have definitely chosen her as part of my top 5.

Here is how to participate:

 This award is for blogs of which have 200 followers or less, and who you think deserve a little bit more recognition..

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog

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My top 5 blogs: