Monday, 31 October 2011

Britney / i want...

Me and my best friend went to see Britney in her Femme Fatale tour last night in Birmingham. It was AMAZING, we had really good seats and i had goosebumps throughout. I couldnt afford to buy a tshirt or programme, im seriously skint so im abit gutted. Didnt take my camera either! I am so disorganised! She did a mixture of old songs and new ones from her latest album. I loved every performance. Before she came on there was Joe Jonas supporting, didnt really think much of him to be honest. Whilst people were taking their seats a group called Destinee and Paris came on... Two long blonde haired Disney voiced american girls. I was abit confused at first as ive never heard of them before and had no idea they were going to be on but they were quite a pleasant suprise. They can sing, dance AND play piano, im impressed.

Whilst in the queue for a chicken wrap i spotted a girl wearing a beautiful jumper. It was long sleeved, black with lace across the top and all down the back. The lace was covered in sparkles, it was so pretty. She told me its from Quiz Clothing. So today i searched for it and was quite suprised. It looks pretty boring in the pictures, they really dont do it justice. Im definately going to order it when i have a few pennies. We are penniless at the moment as Mr.A ordered my Louboutins today, they should be here in a few days, eek!



Black lace and diamante top, £26.99 from


  1. I just looked up Destinee and Paris on YouTube their voices are amazing :)
    The jumper looks really nice XX

  2. i love Britney!
    LOUBOUTINS! I'd be happy to go skint a few months for them! Hope you'll do a post about them when you get them! x

  3. Such a lovely jumper although be warned - I bought a pair of palazzo trousers in Quiz, wore them once, washed them in a 30 degree heat (label said 40 - would have come out Barbie sized lol) and they shrunk! I took them back and because I said they were faulty they were going to send them off to be product tested which would take a week, then they'd phone me to say whether I could have a refund or not and then I'd have to come back into store AGAIN. They ended up phoning the product testing people and they had already had another pair exactly the same as mine returned for the same reason, so they just gave me a straight forward refund. Needless to say I won't ever be shopping there again. Sorry for the essay, just thought I should fill you in :) xx

  4. Thanks for the heads up :-) glad you got your refund in the end.


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