Monday, 24 October 2011

Shoes shoes shoes! have some amazing shoes at the moment, i wish i could afford to buy them all but the Louboutins im ordering next week are costing enough! Here are my favourites...

(Click to enlarge)

My sister ordered these shoes from Missguided last week (£35) but they have come up too small. Shes a size 6 but these are more like a 5, they fit me perfectly so im buying them off her when i get paid. Arent they fabulous?!

Just look at all the sparkle, i love the colours in these.

What shoes are you after/have bought lately?

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  1. I love those glitzy shoes! I also really like the nude suede heels :) x

  2. MG are amazing for heels aren't they, I'm always browsing! They have such great prices too

  3. omg those are the most amazing shoes ever!! I cannot get enough of them . so chic! great post girl keep up the awesome work!! :))

  4. owww nice shoes Xx


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