Sunday, 23 October 2011

Possible new home for Eddie

If you have read a previous post (see here) you will know i have got to find a new home for my dog Eddie. I am distraught and havent stopped crying since the desicion was made. I put a few adverts on facebook and selling pages for my area and yesterday an elderly lady contacted me. Her and her husband have been looking for a male pomeranian doggy for awhile. She asked to know more about him, so i emailed her explaining why we are rehoming him and sent a photo. She thinks he is lovely and wants to meet him when we are back home. Part of me is glad that someone is willing to give him a home despite his faults. But part of me is gutted that he will be gone. Every time i look at him i start to cry. The fact he has no idea whats going on hurts so much... I keep getting images of him sitting by their door waiting for me to come pick him up, not knowing that i never will :-(
I know he will be better off in a quiet home with no children but he is my baby and i love him so much. I am so gutted it has come to this.

Sorry for such a depressing post.

Here is my big boy...


  1. awwh, he's a cutie, feeling sad for you. x

  2. Awwwwww thats so sad :( I have a dog too and can imagine how hard it is to have to make that decision.


  3. Ive never felt so sad before in my life. I thought id have him til he was an old man :-( x


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