Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nerves, nails & early Xmas presents

At 9 am today a social worker was coming to visit regarding fostering. I was so nervous, i didnt really know what to expect. I made sure the house was tidy and the dogs were put away in the kitchen, then i sat waiting for a knock at the door. My heart was pounding, stomach churning, mouth dry... Im such an idiot. I guess thats just my anxiety though. The lady was late by 25 mins, so id sat suffering for what seemed like forever. She came in and sat down, luckily she was very nice and i relaxed as she told me about different types of fostering, what checks they do, money, help etc... Ive decided that fostering IS what i want to do so shes put me on the list to recieve the first part of training where they will do important checks like medical records, CRB checks, references from previous employers etc... Im rather excited! I will have weekly training in the evenings for 9 weeks and have the oppurtunity to advance during my time as a foster carer. I really hope im accepted :) ive just got to wait for a letter with more details now.

My juicy jules nail varnish chipped the other day so i took it all off lastnight and re did them with Models Own pink fizz and thunder & lightening, here are my NOTW (nails of the week)-

I wasnt too sure of the black accent nail at first but its grown on me.

Ive just had a listen to The Saturdays new single "My heart takes over" and watched their video, cant say im impressed... Its quite boring. Ive tried linking it so you guys can watch but my ipads being a moron. Im thinking of recreating Frankies look on the picture on the left, what do you think?

Lastnight, two things got me rather excited. My best friend and i decided we are going to see Britney in her Femme Fatale tour at the end of this month. Been as we are rather skint at the mo we asked our lovely mommys if theyd buy our tickets as an early Christmas present. They both said yes, woo hoo! Im so excited! We saw her 2 years ago in her Circus tour, she was amazing! I had goosebumps when she came on and couldnt stop smiling throughout. Im sure she will be just as fab this time round.

Picture from
Have any of you been to see her?

Early Christmas present number two is courtesy of my dad. I am a True Blood fan.. Infact im obsessed. So you can imagine how i was when i came across the True Blood Makeup palette by Tarte. I found a review of it on and fell in love instantly so searched for it on ebay. Found one in the UK for £55, woo hoo! AND its location is my mum and dads town! Its got to be fate! My dear father has agreed to buy it me :-D i cant wait for it to arrive. Will post a review full of pics when i have it. But for now, heres a pic from the net...

Picture from

Description from website- 'Inspired by the hit HBO® series True Blood™, tarte's limited-edition palette is packed with 17 eyeshadows, a full size emphasEYES™ aqua-gel eyeliner in black, a deluxe lights, camera, lashes! clinically-proven natural mascara and a deluxe lifted™ natural eye primer with Firmitol™.'


  1. your nails look amazing! good luck with fostering xx

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog Holli! I saw Britney SPears in concert and she was amazing! I'm a die hard fan though so i may have a bias! :)
    Love your NOTW! The sparkles look amazing!

  3. Hope all goes well with the fostering. I like your nails with the accent nail! x

  4. Thanks caroline, i really hope im accepted :)

  5. i love love love the black nail!


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