Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My graze box and order from Woownow

My Graze box came today and i love it! The box was smaller than i expected but the packets of food were good sizes. I got apple and cinnamon flapjacks, cranberry and honey mix granola, bakewell tart fruit and nut mix and hot cross yum mix.

I love every single thing in my box! Sooo tasty. Me and my mum have gobbled up the flapjack and hot cross yum mix already. I love the fact it comes with a personalised little card and booklet, telling you all you need to know about the product along with tips for a healthy diet. Think i will be signing up to graze and make this a regular thing as it is definately worth £3.49.

The two items me and my sister ordered from came today aswell, we only orded them yesterday so im well impressed. The lounge top for my sister is better than i expected, double layered and a good size. The velvet and lace dress however is tiny! We ordered a size 12 and its more like a size 8, honestly! Its teeny! Im going to keep it though as hopefully it will fit me by Christmas. The quality of both the items is really good though, much better than expected.

I popped to B&M today to try and get some more Maxitone shakes. I cant justify spending £25 on a tub from the internet so i get them from B&M for £15 instead. Unfortunately, this store didnt have any :-( im gutted, going to have to wait until im back at home and can go to my local store. It was weigh day on Sunday but i havent been on the scales yet, i have a bad tummy at the mo and everythings feeling rather heavy.

Missing my husband lots today, hes away with the army and not back until Saturday, hate not having him home everyday. I cant wait until hes out and has a normal job!

I re did my nails last night and filed them down, i cant believe how much they are growing! Ive never had natural nails this length before, strange! Maybe its all the nutrients and vitamins from the maxitone shakes? Who knows. This is 17's Woo Me with Bourjois over the top. I can find a shade name on the Bourjois but in the bottle it looks like sparkly pink.

I posted a photo with one of my nails painted like this before but i love it so much i had to do all of them. Its so girly and pretty :-)
Do you like?


  1. owww nice nails =]
    That Graze box sounds great!
    I'd love to try something like that out but I have a nut allergy =/

  2. theres a nut allergy option claire :)

  3. The nail polish is so pretty!! :)

  4. The graze box sounds delicious! I love glittery nails right now, I want to get some new glittery polish! x

  5. Hey, thanks for visiting! :)

    Yeah, I was also disappointed, but what can you do. There are streaks from the brush. :( But as usual with Barry M - it will last a long time. ;) X


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