Friday, 21 October 2011


Today i made a very tough descision... To find a new home for my pomeranian Eddie. He was a wedding present from my husband and we have had him since he was 8 weeks old, hes now 16 months. He is the most loving and loyal dog ive ever met, he loves cuddles, follows me around the house, waits outside the bathroom door for me... I love him to bits. Eddie has always been a scared dog, hes afraid of cars, bikes, prams, men, random coke cans that have been thrown into the garden... The way he reacts to it is by barking, pulling and rearing up. We have tried numerous times to get him used to all these things but nothing has worked. Lately he has become snappy, he snapped at me when i tried to get him from under the table. He snapped at my husband when he tried to put him to bed... Then today came the final straw. My friend came over with her daughter who is 5. She doesnt like dogs and often squeals at them which makes them go crazy so we keep them in the kitchen. I let them into the living room today for a cuddle, my friends daughter was busy playing on the ipad. She got up and went over to my son ozzy for a cuddle. She sat on the floor next to him and was stroking his face. Eddie ran over, baring his teeth and snapped at her, grabbing her hair with his mouth. I picked him up straight away and locked him in the kitchen.

I am heartbroken...

I cannot have a dog like that around children. I never thought Eddie would do such a thing. It has gutted me, ive not stopped crying.
I rang Dogs Trust, the RSPCA and numerous rescue centres but none of them want to know. As soon as i mention the word aggresive they say no. Theres nobody in the family that could have him either. I got hold of a lady in Norfolk that works in a Pomeranian rescue centre, she is going to try and rehome him for me but cannot take him in as they are full. She has 15 people on her list wanting to rehome a Pom. I am hoping one of them will want Eddie and be able to give him the care, time and attention he needs. If not... I dont know what to do.

I love him so much, i feel like ive had my heart ripped out of my chest.


  1. That's really sad - so sorry. Be strong. :(

  2. Im trying but i just keep bursting into tears. I love him like i love my children.x

  3. Aww that's so so sad! :( xx


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