Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rant... New Look and families

Im annoyed!

I ordered some 'mock suspender tights' from New Look on Sunday afternoon and chose next day delivery. I still haven't had my order! I emailed them on Monday night and havent had a reply yet. Disgraceful! I have just come off the phone to them (i was on hold for ten minutes) and apparantly they tried to deliver on Tuesday and couldnt find the house! I had no phonecall from them to tell me there was a problem or anything! So if i hadnt called i would never have gotten my tights. And tuesday?! Excuse me? I ordered on SUNDAY, next day delivery, that would make it a Monday they should be delivered, not bloomin Tuesday! The man on the phone was very apologetic and has refunded me my postage. He assured me my order would be here tomorrow, we shall see!

I havent mentioned this next topic before but i will explain briefly the situation between me and my husbands family...
We do not get on. I have never liked my husbands step dad, i find him sexist, rude, chauvanistic and a bully. We have had numerous arguments in the past over him caling me fat and being a general ar$e to me. Gradually things escalated to the point where his stepdad sent a private message to my husband slagging me off, making out im a liar, trying to convince him to leave me. Eventually things settled down and i tolerated this horrible mans behaviour for the sake of my husband. Until recently that is... He has made it quite obvious he doesnt like my eldest daughter (who is not my husbands, shes from a previous relationship). My youngest daughter is favourtised immensley by them and it hurts me so much. A few months ago my father in law offered my girls two smurf toys, he handed one to my youngest lily then threw willows toy behind him, on the floor and said 'theres yours' in a nasty tone. I was understandably shocked but didnt say anything at the time as i didnt want to cause a scene. It played on my mind however, so i sent a civilised text to my mother inlaw telling her how it made me feel. To cut a long story short (i can feel myself waffling here, sorry) my father inlaw caused a huge arguement, bad things were said, terrible lies were told (by him not me) and it all went totally OTT. We havent spoken since. My husband has had arguments with them over the phone but nothing has been resolved. Everyone on my father inlaws family think what he did was perfectly fine. I am still fuming now. How is it ok to treat a 6 year old like a dog?
A week after this had all happened my father inlaw recieved a threatening text from a number he doesnt know. It wasnt from me but i have got the blame. Hes going around telling everyone it is me. I only found this out yesterday. My husband spoke to his mum in private and she basically tried to convince him it was me and that all that had happened was my fault. I was so mad, how dare she try and turn my husband against me!

I am sick to death of his family and cant wait to see the back of them. One thing i cant stand is lies.

Sorry for the long rant, needed to get it off my chest.


  1. Vent, girl, vent! Unfortunately, when we marry someone we marry their family as well. Your husband's step dad sounds dreadful. You and your eldest daughter keep your heads up and try to always take the high road! Sending prayers your way! :)

  2. That's awful
    Hope everything works out for you soon Xx

  3. Ah I'm so sorry that must be a horrid situation to be in & your poor little girl, how could anyone treat a child like that?? Hopefully she didn't notice his behaviour. I have a little boy and if anyone dared treat him like that I'd have wiped the floor with them, so you did well to walk away!
    Hope your tights arrive tomorrow though :) x

  4. Unfortunately she did notice his behaviour. She has said to me quite often that lily is treated better than her and asked me why my father in law threw the toy. She has never liked going round there.
    Still waiting for my tight, although it is only 10.40 so they still have time yet.


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