Thursday, 27 October 2011

Damson Jam Nails

Whilst in Morrisons yet again, i decided to pick up a new nail colour. I spotted this gorgeous deep red by Collection 2000, its called Damson Jam and is my new favourite colour. It is a proper wintery shade, i just love it. This is 2 coats...

(Click to enlarge)

Bargain for £2.99 dont you think?

I used to think Collection 2000 were cheap and nasty but just lately ive found myself buying more of their products and really liking them.


  1. Thanks for the comment.. And oh okey this one is the same brand as the one I used, looks great, I love a bargain.. :)

  2. Gorgeous nails, very similar to the Nails Inc colour I'm wearing today - bargain price for yours!x

  3. Such a lovely colour your nails look really nice Xx

  4. I love this colour! Perfect shade of red for winter

    Katrina xxx


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