Monday, 10 October 2011

MUA and Beauty UK

Random post today, thought I'd share with you my favourite lipsticks at the mo and my opinion on MUA's mascara.
I'm not usually a big lipstick wearer, im more of a lipgloss kind of girl. I did go through a phase a few years ago wear all id wear was baby pink lipstick, got bored of that quite quick though. I'd heard alot of good feedback from Superdrugs makeup range MUA so thought Id take a look. I ended up buying 2 lipsticks and mascara. Had a quick browse of the Beauty UK range and bought a lipstick and baked blusher, oh and a volume sensation lipstick from Collection 2000 (from Boots) in cherry pop.

Left to right- Beauty UK in Sunset £3.49, Mua shade 7 £1.00, Collection 2000 volume sensation in cherry pop £2.99, MUA shade 3 £1.00.

Swatches (taken with the flash on but i think the colours are pretty accurate)-

Beauty uk sunset, MUA shade 7, Collection 2000 volume sensation cherry pop, MUA shade 3.

My favourite is definately Beauty UKs sunset, its such a lovely colour. The only thing is, i find it quite drying, even after putting lipbalm on beforehand. The MUA shades are lovely too and much creamier than Beauty uks. They didnt make my lips feel flaky or dry after. The Collection 2000 volume sensation was moisturing too, colour was bright and it did make my lips feel tingly, cant say i noticed much difference in the size of them though :-( bit dissapointing.

Onto Beauty UK baked blusher and MUA mascara-

Beauty uk baked blusher in candy shop £3.99.

I love how it comes with a little tiny brush that stores underneath. Only trouble is, its pretty rubbish, it just bends and doesnt pick up any colour. So i ended up just using my normal blusher brush.

First pic without flash, second pic with flash.

I like the colour of candy shop, it gives a soft pink glow to my cheeks and looks natural. I couldnt get a good enough picture with me actually wearing it but you can see how shimmery and pink it is from these pics.

MUA mascara £1

One word... Rubbish. Might be a bit harsh but this just did hardly anything for me. It gave me the slightest bit of length and thats it. My eyelashes look the same without any on! I couldnt get a good photo to show you but there wouldnt have been much point anyway because there just wasnt a difference. Maybe i find it so rubbish because im comparing it to my much loved Dior mascara (cant live without it!) i duno... All i can say is that i wont be using MUA mascara again.

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