Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Hey chubb!

Good morning, i thought i'd start my post on my weightloss journey while the little one is asleep...we had a rough night lastnight, he's a poorley little boy at the moment :(

While i was pregnant with my little boy i put on 3 stone and went from a uk size 10 to a size 16...eek!

Before and after. First pic, last year on my wedding day. Second pic, me heavily pregnant in july this year (im on the far right).

Its my own fault, i eat like a PIG when im pregnant, i gained just as much with my daughters. My weight is one thing that is ALWAYS on my mind, i obsess over it stupidly, the scales determine what mood i will be in for the rest of the day! I lost the baby weight quite quickly last time, took about 4/5 months i think. This time its been harder. So far ive managed to lose over a stone by excersing nearly everyday and eating less. I should be eating more healthily if im honest but i like to enjoy my food! Id rather have a weight watchers dessert for 150 calories rather than a chicken salad (i looovvveee sweet things). Unfortunately my weight loss plateaued last week, i was very annoyed with myself! Anyway, i went to B&M for a mooch (B&M is a cheap shop that sells almost anything, from cleaning products to toys, its great)... I came across tubs of Maxitone Sculptress shakes. 700grams of powder for £15 (700g lasts a week). Maxitone claims their weightloss 'system' is-

'A nutritious protein shake with proven weight loss nutrients. Helps shape your body and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Supports weight loss. Green tea and guarana. Low GI. Research proven'

Picture from maxitone.com (i dont have my camera today)

So i thought id give this ago. B&M only had strawberry flavour, im not usually a fan of strawberry flavoured things but i was desperate to get out of this plateau!
When i got home i searched for Maxitone on the web and came across their website where this shake is actually £25! so B&M saved me a tenner, yay!
I started the shakes a week ago, they are not a meal replacement, you just have one mid morning and one after exercising, they recommend two shakes a day for best results.
Now, about the taste... At first i nearly threw up, it was like watered down strawberry milkshake with a bitterness to it. I doubted i could have these twice a day everyday, but after a few sips i kind of got used to it. Its not THAT bad... And it did fill an empty spot in my stomach, i didnt feel the need to snack before lunch.
I was really doubting that these shakes would make much of a difference to my weightloss that week but how wrong was i?! I got on the scales yesterday and had lost 3lbs! Woop woop! Im going to carry on with the maxitone shakes, might even try their chocolate bars and tablets too. I will keep you updated each week :)

Maxitone shakes and other Maxitone products are available on their website www.maxitone.com

Holli x

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