Sunday, 9 October 2011

New hair and Louboutins

Well I did it, i went for the chop. I showed the hairdresser the picture and told her to just go for it. Its really strange having such short hair, everyone says it looks lovely but its going to take some getting used to! Sorry for the pose... i dont know what the hell i was doing lol...

Ive come to my mums for the weekend, we got back Friday night. Mr. A has been working with his dad, floor laying for abit of extra cash. Hes hoping to get into floor laying when he leaves the army.
Only lost a pound this week :( bit poo, but better than nothing... I wasnt expecting to lose much as I havent been able to exercise much in the week, Mr.A was away with the army so I had no-one to look after the kids. Going back home tonight so shall get back to the gym and work extra hard!
Its only 6 weeks until I'll be going out for the first time since my honeymoon (which was September last year!) The husband has decided hes going to buy me a whole new outfit and Ive already chosen the shoes....

Christian Louboutin Daffodile Aurora Boreale Pumps
AARGGHHH! I loooveeee these!

Ive got a pair of Louboutins which I had for Christmas a few years ago but they arent half as spectacular as these. Just Black lace peep toes, still lovely though. Will post a pic of me wearing them once they are in my sweaty excited little hands!

Holli x


  1. I like the haircut. It really suits you, you're pretty!! :)

  2. They are absolutley amazing!! And so good for the christmas party season :) you're hair looks fab as well!! xx

  3. Your hair looks lovely, the style really suits you :) Love those Louboutins, they're amazing! x

  4. Love the haircut! Elegant! xx


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