Monday, 31 October 2011

Britney / i want...

Me and my best friend went to see Britney in her Femme Fatale tour last night in Birmingham. It was AMAZING, we had really good seats and i had goosebumps throughout. I couldnt afford to buy a tshirt or programme, im seriously skint so im abit gutted. Didnt take my camera either! I am so disorganised! She did a mixture of old songs and new ones from her latest album. I loved every performance. Before she came on there was Joe Jonas supporting, didnt really think much of him to be honest. Whilst people were taking their seats a group called Destinee and Paris came on... Two long blonde haired Disney voiced american girls. I was abit confused at first as ive never heard of them before and had no idea they were going to be on but they were quite a pleasant suprise. They can sing, dance AND play piano, im impressed.

Whilst in the queue for a chicken wrap i spotted a girl wearing a beautiful jumper. It was long sleeved, black with lace across the top and all down the back. The lace was covered in sparkles, it was so pretty. She told me its from Quiz Clothing. So today i searched for it and was quite suprised. It looks pretty boring in the pictures, they really dont do it justice. Im definately going to order it when i have a few pennies. We are penniless at the moment as Mr.A ordered my Louboutins today, they should be here in a few days, eek!



Black lace and diamante top, £26.99 from


My dog Eddie has gone. The couple that were interested in him have had him. They seem lovely, he took to the lady well and trotted off with her quite happily. He was wary of the man but hes always wary of strangers, especially males. Im sure they will give him a good home and spoil him but i cant help but feel utterly devastated, im going to miss him so much.

Love you Eddie...

Sunday, 30 October 2011

X Factor 29th Oct

So it was Halloween night on the X Factor last night and i was so excited to see all their costumes. What a dissapointment! The Risk, Johnny and Craig didnt bother, they looked as normal as they always do, so boring! Mischa B looked like a complete idiot and what was going on with Kittys hair? I wasnt impressed with Tulisas outfit either. 
I tuned in a little late and was rather confused when I saw a different member of The Risk prancing about on stage then i noticed Alexandra Burke sitting in Kellys place. A quick search in the internet showed me Kelly was ill and Ashley (the absent member of The Risk) had quit as a boyband isnt really for him... He only decided this 48hrs before the show though, talk about short notice! He was quickly replaced though, with Nu-Vibe member Ashford (who in my opinion is much better looking than Ashley.) I really like The Risk, i think theyre fab and i enjoy watching them. 
Another group i like, well LOVE, is Little Mix (previously known as Rythmix), i dont think they've had a bad week yet, they are brill and really hope they win. Their version of Katy Perrys ET was so good!
I really dont know who will go tonight, I think everyone deserves to be there... even Johnny. I actually LIKED his performance last night i have to admit.
Marcus was good, nothing special though. He has a good voice but I dont think he will win.
Craig bored me, he always bores me and i cant stand the stupid faces he pulls. He looks angry all the time.
Kitty was fab, she has such a wicked voice. I dont know why they keep doing her hair and makeup so vile though, she looks like a bloke. Its a shame that she made such a bad impression at auditions, i think its affecting the way people vote.
Sophie was her usual dreary self, I know she has a voice that only suits certain types of song but we always know what to expect from her each week. I want to see something abit different.
Janet was the same as always too but I love her voice. She looked really good as a dead bride/spooky doll type thing. I really enjoyed her performance.
As always Mischa B sung her heart out, I really like her, just wish her outfits werent so OTT.
Frankie... I love Frankie, he is such a cheeky chap. His performance last night was so good, I really hope he stays in the competition.

Heres a few pics from the night...(click them to enlarge)

The Risk with new member Ashford (far left)

Mischa B looking like a Rhino Monstrosity

Alexandra Burke, absolutely LOVE this dress.

Little Mix. Their faces were amazing! Dancing was fab! Sung a wicked song so well! Love them!

Who do you think should go tonight?

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Friday, 28 October 2011

Our Halloween House

Every Christmas and Halloween my mum goes crazy with the decorating, i missed helping her when i first moved out so make sure im here on the day she decides to do it. This year was extra fabulous as she had some decorations from work (she works at a supermarket and got all last years decorations for free). This post is picture heavy. Enjoy...

Baby spiders hanging from the ceiling

Her face changes from normal to evil when you move past it.

Hanging above the bottom of the stairs.

The garden

Front window

Giant spidey

Witches on the stairs

Front door

I have no idea why this ghost is purple!

In the porch window (there's orange lights under the cauldron covered in twigs to look like a fire)

Mr bat hanging out in the porch

Tomorrow we are taking the kids to a Halloween night at a farm where there will be pumpkin carving, dog agility, trick or treating, spooky tours around a maze and a fun fair. Cant wait!
What are you doing for Halloween?

Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Look... Update

I posted yesterday that i had ordered from New Look on Sunday and chosen next day delivery but still hadnt recieved anything by Wednesday. They assured me i would have my order today. I got a text from them at 1.30pm saying it would be here between 2pm and 5pm. Half 5 arrived and still nothing so i rang them again, whilst on hold for another ten minutes the doorbell rang. Finally! I have my order.
Still not happy though, not sure i will be ordering from them again.
Heres what i had ordered..

Mock suspender tights, £4.99

All of that for a pair of tights! I better bloody like them when i try them on!

Damson Jam Nails

Whilst in Morrisons yet again, i decided to pick up a new nail colour. I spotted this gorgeous deep red by Collection 2000, its called Damson Jam and is my new favourite colour. It is a proper wintery shade, i just love it. This is 2 coats...

(Click to enlarge)

Bargain for £2.99 dont you think?

I used to think Collection 2000 were cheap and nasty but just lately ive found myself buying more of their products and really liking them.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rant... New Look and families

Im annoyed!

I ordered some 'mock suspender tights' from New Look on Sunday afternoon and chose next day delivery. I still haven't had my order! I emailed them on Monday night and havent had a reply yet. Disgraceful! I have just come off the phone to them (i was on hold for ten minutes) and apparantly they tried to deliver on Tuesday and couldnt find the house! I had no phonecall from them to tell me there was a problem or anything! So if i hadnt called i would never have gotten my tights. And tuesday?! Excuse me? I ordered on SUNDAY, next day delivery, that would make it a Monday they should be delivered, not bloomin Tuesday! The man on the phone was very apologetic and has refunded me my postage. He assured me my order would be here tomorrow, we shall see!

I havent mentioned this next topic before but i will explain briefly the situation between me and my husbands family...
We do not get on. I have never liked my husbands step dad, i find him sexist, rude, chauvanistic and a bully. We have had numerous arguments in the past over him caling me fat and being a general ar$e to me. Gradually things escalated to the point where his stepdad sent a private message to my husband slagging me off, making out im a liar, trying to convince him to leave me. Eventually things settled down and i tolerated this horrible mans behaviour for the sake of my husband. Until recently that is... He has made it quite obvious he doesnt like my eldest daughter (who is not my husbands, shes from a previous relationship). My youngest daughter is favourtised immensley by them and it hurts me so much. A few months ago my father in law offered my girls two smurf toys, he handed one to my youngest lily then threw willows toy behind him, on the floor and said 'theres yours' in a nasty tone. I was understandably shocked but didnt say anything at the time as i didnt want to cause a scene. It played on my mind however, so i sent a civilised text to my mother inlaw telling her how it made me feel. To cut a long story short (i can feel myself waffling here, sorry) my father inlaw caused a huge arguement, bad things were said, terrible lies were told (by him not me) and it all went totally OTT. We havent spoken since. My husband has had arguments with them over the phone but nothing has been resolved. Everyone on my father inlaws family think what he did was perfectly fine. I am still fuming now. How is it ok to treat a 6 year old like a dog?
A week after this had all happened my father inlaw recieved a threatening text from a number he doesnt know. It wasnt from me but i have got the blame. Hes going around telling everyone it is me. I only found this out yesterday. My husband spoke to his mum in private and she basically tried to convince him it was me and that all that had happened was my fault. I was so mad, how dare she try and turn my husband against me!

I am sick to death of his family and cant wait to see the back of them. One thing i cant stand is lies.

Sorry for the long rant, needed to get it off my chest.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Shoes shoes shoes! have some amazing shoes at the moment, i wish i could afford to buy them all but the Louboutins im ordering next week are costing enough! Here are my favourites...

(Click to enlarge)

My sister ordered these shoes from Missguided last week (£35) but they have come up too small. Shes a size 6 but these are more like a 5, they fit me perfectly so im buying them off her when i get paid. Arent they fabulous?!

Just look at all the sparkle, i love the colours in these.

What shoes are you after/have bought lately?

Visit here

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Possible new home for Eddie

If you have read a previous post (see here) you will know i have got to find a new home for my dog Eddie. I am distraught and havent stopped crying since the desicion was made. I put a few adverts on facebook and selling pages for my area and yesterday an elderly lady contacted me. Her and her husband have been looking for a male pomeranian doggy for awhile. She asked to know more about him, so i emailed her explaining why we are rehoming him and sent a photo. She thinks he is lovely and wants to meet him when we are back home. Part of me is glad that someone is willing to give him a home despite his faults. But part of me is gutted that he will be gone. Every time i look at him i start to cry. The fact he has no idea whats going on hurts so much... I keep getting images of him sitting by their door waiting for me to come pick him up, not knowing that i never will :-(
I know he will be better off in a quiet home with no children but he is my baby and i love him so much. I am so gutted it has come to this.

Sorry for such a depressing post.

Here is my big boy...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Superdrugs Vitamin E Radiance Moisture Cream Featuring Lily

I read a review of this cream on someone elses blog (i cant remember whos though). Been as Superdrug are offering free delivery and the cream is reduced to £1.49 I ordered some right away.
I LOVE this cream! It is amazing! It absorbs well, smells gorgeous and gave my skin a lovely glow. I used it after exfoliating and before applying my makeup. With my foundation on my skin still had a subtle glow. Its not greasy and my face feels so soft. Definitely buying this again.

My daughter Lily was my model today, shes such a camera whore lol.

Lilys swatch

Rubbed in on my hand

My hand after rubbing it on my face

I havent got a picture of my face with it on under my makeup, the camera on my phone is absolute rubbish.
Anyway, you should give this ago, for £1.49 its definitely worth it.

Friday, 21 October 2011


Today i made a very tough descision... To find a new home for my pomeranian Eddie. He was a wedding present from my husband and we have had him since he was 8 weeks old, hes now 16 months. He is the most loving and loyal dog ive ever met, he loves cuddles, follows me around the house, waits outside the bathroom door for me... I love him to bits. Eddie has always been a scared dog, hes afraid of cars, bikes, prams, men, random coke cans that have been thrown into the garden... The way he reacts to it is by barking, pulling and rearing up. We have tried numerous times to get him used to all these things but nothing has worked. Lately he has become snappy, he snapped at me when i tried to get him from under the table. He snapped at my husband when he tried to put him to bed... Then today came the final straw. My friend came over with her daughter who is 5. She doesnt like dogs and often squeals at them which makes them go crazy so we keep them in the kitchen. I let them into the living room today for a cuddle, my friends daughter was busy playing on the ipad. She got up and went over to my son ozzy for a cuddle. She sat on the floor next to him and was stroking his face. Eddie ran over, baring his teeth and snapped at her, grabbing her hair with his mouth. I picked him up straight away and locked him in the kitchen.

I am heartbroken...

I cannot have a dog like that around children. I never thought Eddie would do such a thing. It has gutted me, ive not stopped crying.
I rang Dogs Trust, the RSPCA and numerous rescue centres but none of them want to know. As soon as i mention the word aggresive they say no. Theres nobody in the family that could have him either. I got hold of a lady in Norfolk that works in a Pomeranian rescue centre, she is going to try and rehome him for me but cannot take him in as they are full. She has 15 people on her list wanting to rehome a Pom. I am hoping one of them will want Eddie and be able to give him the care, time and attention he needs. If not... I dont know what to do.

I love him so much, i feel like ive had my heart ripped out of my chest.

Weigh day and new buys

Today i am down :-( i weighed myself, in a week and four days ive lost a measley pound... 1 pound!! I am so annoyed at myself, i worked so hard. My mum and best friend reckon my body is in starvation mode but if it was then surely id put weight on? I dunno, but its so disheartening. I ordered some more maxitone shake off ebay, chocolate flavour this time, looking forward to trying a new flavour. Im going to try and up my water intake too, i know i dont drink enough. Been as im staying at my mums i decided to ask my friend who ive known since primary school to come do some classes with me at the gym. She got me doing body combat last night, was so much fun! My co-ordination is terrible though, just as i got the hang of a move it was time for a different one, haha.

Ive been after a large cross necklace for awhile now but never came across one that i like enough to buy. Until i was browsing thr Burtons website for my husband. I finally found one! And it was in the sale for a fiver, bargain. It came today, along with a t-shirt i ordered from i love it! I popped to Morrisons earlier and had a quick look in the makeup section, i came across Collection 2000's cream puff matte lipgloss. I bought it in 'fairy dust' a lovely soft pink colour. It is fab, so moisturising and goes on lovely.

T-shirt £7.99, cross necklace £5 Burton menswear, cream puff lipgloss in fairy dust, Collection 2000 £2.99.

Have any of you tried these matte lipglosses?