Saturday, 31 March 2012

My recent hospital visit

Some of you may know I have a re-occurring problem with my neck. A lump has appeared which causes me a lot of grief. I was referred to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist and saw her for the first time on Wednesday. 

After feeling my neck and face she asked to look deeper by using a long thin camera, to be inserted up my nose. Anyone that has experienced this before will know it IS NOT PLEASANT.
The nurse tried to keep Lily occupied in case she watched and got upset. The ENT specialist inserted this long worm thing with a light on the end, up my nose. Holy cr*p it bloody hurt! She keep pushing and pulling and as it went down the back of my throat I gagged. I hate not being able to breathe properly and had a mini heart attack in the chair whilst snotting all over the poor woman. Lily looked at me and thought it was highly amusing. I winced a little as she wriggled the camera around then felt like I was going to throw up when she tugged it out. With eyes watering, nose running, shaky hands and still gagging, the ENT specialist told me she has spotted another lump in my throat, so now there's three problems to contend with. Mystery lump number one under my jaw, mystery lump that sometimes appears on the outside of my neck and pusses (really gross!), and mystery lump number three in my throat.

Apparently she hasn't come across this before (so re-assuring...not!) so shes going to consult the cancer surgeon and she thinks they are going to have to work together and open me up. First I've got to have an MRI scan...not looking forward to that but I guess they need to see more of my throat.
As a scan won't give them the whole picture I need an operation, they need to access ALL of my neck so an incision will be made from one end to the other.... whilst telling me this the ENT specialist ran her finger along my neck and gestured pulling my skin back, up to my friggin jaw! She informed me it will be a very tricky and risky procedure, nothing like what I had before (I had a salivary gland removed in 2007). They are going to take samples of the lumps, get rid of any that are removable then sew me back up! She must have seen the look of horror on my face because she tried endlessly to re-assure me it will be okay.

I'm not convinced, no surgery is nice and the fact they have no idea what these lumps are scares the hell out of me.
So this week has been a little stressful.... I need some retail therapy...again!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Shopping trip & OOTD

I decided to take Lily and Ozzy into town today, here's what I bought...

T-shirt nighty- Primark £5

T-shirt nighty- Primark £5

I bought these two t-shirt nightys as they are light and I love the bright colours. I hate being hot at night but can't sleep naked, or even just in my underwear. So these are perfect :-)

T-shirt skater dress- Primark £8

I had seen Lily from LLYMLRS wearing the topshop version of this, then she blogged about Primarks for less than half the price, bargain!

Pumps- New Look £7.99

I always like to have a pair of pumps for the spring/summer time. I usually go for the lace up style ones but these looked so pretty. You can't see in the photo but they have tiny gold/silvery threads running through them. Love the subtle sparkle!

The rest of my money was spent on the children. I could have easily bought more for myself though, there was some lovely wedges in Primark and tons of items in New Look and Topshop I wanted to buy. Mr.A gets paid tomorrow, I might make him treat me (again!) Haha.

Here's what I wore for my little shopping trip...

Earrings- Dorothy Perkins last year

Dress- As yesterdays outfit post.
Kimono thing (?!)- Primark last year

Diamante sandals- Claires Accessories last year.
I didnt want to take a picture of my feet in these, feet are ugly and I wouldn't want anyone puking over their keyboard.

Yes I know, all the things I am wearing are over a year old!

I think I'm going to go sit in the garden now and make the most of the sunshine :-)

Rimmel gel eyeliner update

The other day I posted about Rimmels waterproof gel eyeliner and how I couldnt get the swatch off my hand. Well, it is still bloody there!!!
And before you think I'm a dirty ho-bag and don't wash, my hands are constantly wet from washing up, cleaning, changing nappies and picking up dog poop. I am always washing them, and of course showering everyday. It's not like I've not been scrubbing at it either, I've made my hand red with rubbing at it with kitchen towel, flannels, sponges, baby wipes, makeup remover and cotton wool... you name it, I've tried it.

The offending mark.

I've been wearing the gel liner on my eyes for the past few days and found it comes off okay with a make up wipe, although it does take quite a bit of rubbing. It's definitively waterproof though, without any scrubbing it won't budge.

I wonder how long it will take for this mark to dissapear?

Hawaiian Tropic Beach Balm

Before my hospital appointment yesterday (post on that coming up) I popped into B&M for some barbecue supplies,I'm praying the nice weather will stay around for the weekend!. As always I looked in the beauty section, hoping to pick up some Wet n Wild natural lip shimmers for a giveaway but they had none! I then spotted this....

Hawaiian Tropic Beach Balm: SPF 6, coconut oil and beta-carotene blended with mango butter.
It promises to enhance natural golden tan, contains vitamins A, C and E to nourish the skin, absorbs UVA and UVB and is intensely hydrating.
For £2.49 I had to buy it.

I'm not sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't this, the balm is quite solid and when rubbed in its very much like vasline, but...


Think holiday, beaches, coconut scented sun cream, cocktails, Malibu....

I actually want to eat it.

Whilst rubbing it into my skin I felt like I was in a hotel room in Barbados preparing myself for a long, lazy day on the beach (I bloody wish!).

Only downside is, its a little greasy but I didn't give a monkeys. My usually very dry skin felt soft and supple and had a gorgeous sheen to it...

I applied this all over my body last night and this morning my skin is still REALLY moisturized. I can still smell the amazing scent too.
The beta-carotene ingredients got me wondering if this might have fake tan properties to it but on further research (Google) I don't think it does. The beta-carotene is the chemical found in carrots, its what gives them their orange colour. I think, mixed with the sunshine it enhances your skins own tanning capabilities.
SPF 6 is pretty crap to be honest, you wouldn't want to use this as your main sun protection but its nice to know it protects you to a certain extent.

I have now added Hawaiian Tropic beach balm to my tanning routine :-D

Available from B&M, RRP £2.49 (I think!)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

OOTD- Summer dress and alternatives

I bought this dress about 3 years ago from New Look. It is perfect for the summer as it is so light and thin, the crochet shoulder detail is so pretty.

Before I got this particular dress I had a very similar one with plain sleeves from Dorothy Perkins. Unfortunately I got a stain on it which wouldn't budge so I went on the hunt for a new on, hence buying this one from New Look

The only problem with this dress, as you can probably see in the photo, is it shows your pants. Admittedly I am wearing big black granny pants, not the best lingerie to sport when wearing such a thin light dress... but I shall be changing my underwear when I leave the house..or maybe not...its good to turns heads every now and again, no?

I have now spotted two other dresses very similar...

This is exactly like my beloved stained dress! I chose my 4 favourite colours to show you but on the website there is also, yellow, black, navy and grey. At only £7.99 its a bargain! 
Click here to buy.

Then lastly theres this little beauty from good old eBay. 

I have just ordered this in blue, for only £5.12 and free postage it would be rude not to!
It'd be great thrown over a bikini like in the photos, or with a bandeau top underneath, skinny belt and sandals :-)
Click here to buy.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rimmel 3 for 2 offer, what I bought & FOTD

Whilst browsing the make up stand in Sainsburys yesterday I couldn't resist the 3 for 2 offer on all Rimmel products. I really wanted to re-purchase my beloved pink blush lipstick and was keen to try out their new Wake me Up foundation. I then spotted their gel eyeliner so gave the tester a quick swatch. I really wish shops would provide tissues to wipe off all the swatches you do on your hand, I ended up walking round with a hand covered in lipsticks and eyeliner.
Here's what I came home with...

Left to right- Lasting Finish lipstick in pink blush, Wake me Up foundation in soft beige, waterproof gel eyeliner in black.

This is probably my all time favourite pink lipstick. It is so pigmented and creamy. 

I love how cute the little pot is, and how the brush sits in the lid.

My miserable mush wearing all three products.

So what do I think?
First off, the foundation... I was really excited to try this after seeing so many good reviews. To be honest, I'm not astounded. It's nothing I'd bother raving about. To me, its just another foundation that gives a dewy-ish finish. I wish I'd saved the money and bought the L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation that I posted about here instead.

Secondly, the eyeliner... When I swatched this in the shop I was really impressed, it was creamy and applied nicely with a cute little brush that sits in the lid. I did a small line on my hand and after giving it a few rubs it didn't come off.  I have scrubbed it with soap and water numerous times and showered but it won't budge. Definitely lives up to the waterproof claim! The only thing I don't like is when applied on the eyes it takes awhile to dry. I applied it then went and faffed in the bathroom only to find it had smudged on my eyelids :-( I used a babywipe to remove the mess and re-applied. I sat for a few minutes before making another move but it still smudged a little at the outer corners. Poop. I haven't had it on long so I can't comment on the longevity of it just yet.

Lastly, the lipstick. Like I said before, this is my all time favourite pink lippy. I love everything about it, the shade, pigmentation and creamy consistency. I could wear pink blush everyday and never get bored.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

Wake me Up foundation, currently on offer in Sainsburys for £8.99
Waterproof gel eyeliner, RRP £6.49
Lasting finish pink blush lipstick, RRP £4.99

Monday, 26 March 2012

L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation and new hair colour!

As I promised in my previous post, here is my thoughts on L'Oreals' Lumi Magique Foundation. I only had one sample of this but it was enough for two face applications.

Image from

Loreal say (taken from Boots website): "With age skin can become dull and tired. L'Oreal Lumi Magique foundation helps give instant skin radiance. You will be glowing inside and out."

Click to enlarge
I have gone for a "natural" make up look today and this foundation suits it so well.
Shade- Pure Beige.

I am in love with this product! It was so lovely to apply, really smooth and creamy. It didn't cling to any dry patches and it left my skin looking radiant. I lightly dusted over with some bronzer and that was all I needed. It doesn't feel heavy or cakey, it is lovely and light and my skin feels super soft without feeling greasy. It has covered any blemishes well, with no need for concealer (yay!).

I'd say I prefer this to my usual Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, which has surprised me as I didn't think I could find anything that even came close to it!
I am so glad I requested a sample and shall definitely be purchasing a full size bottle.  

Request your free sample here
Full size bottle available to buy here, £10.99

P.S... I have dyed my hair again. A more intense red this time! I went for Live XXL in Real Red and am really happy with the results. I love love love red hair!

You may have also noticed the new blog design. I got bored of the previous one but I'm un-decided whether I like the new one or not. I wanted to add some images of things I love to make it more interesting, but then again I do like plain, simple designs too. What do you think?

Saturday, 24 March 2012

L'Oreals' Youth Code Luminize & Nude Magique BB cream

I requested my free samples of Loreals' Youth Code Luminize serum sometime last week and it popped though my door this morning. I was also sent a sample of their Nude Magique BB cream and Lumi Magique foundation, which was a nice surprise. 

I received three sachets of the youth code serum and one each of the BB cream and foundation.

I tried the youth serum after cleansing and moisturizing, and was pleasantly surprised. After trying the YSL serum that I had in my Glossybox at the beginning of the month, and being disappointed, I wasn't holding out high hopes for this one.

Loreal say (take from website): "Youth Code Luminize Super Serum perfect and refines skins surface for a more luminous, even looking skin tone."

My skin felt velvety smooth and soft, and was the perfect base for applying foundation. I'm really looking forward to using more of it and seeing whether it will actually make a difference to the appearance of my skin.

After using the youth code serum I decided to try out the BB cream. I had read a lot of negative reviews on this, with most people saying it turns really orange, so again I was a little dubious.

Loreal say (taken from Superdrugs website): "Our first self adjusting BB cream. Moisturising skincare transforms to lightweight foundation. Skin looks flawless and even with a dewy glow. Nude Magique BB cream transforms right before your eyes: Enriched with smart pigment capsules in a feather light hydrator which transforms into a foundation on contact with skin. It feels like skincare but then transforms into and works like make up."

I found it quite odd that the cream was a grey colour.

As you can see as you rub the cream in it changes colour.

Completely rubbed in.

Wow, I am shocked. I think I actually prefer this to Garniers BB cream and my beloved Nivea tinted moisturizer! It gave great coverage, even disguising a pesky pimple that decided to make an appearance overnight. My skin felt really soft and it had a healthy glow, and the best thing is I only had to use a tiny amount.
I really wish I had given this a chance before I went and bought a tube of Garniers' BB cream. If I had, I would have definitely bought Loreals instead! I guess I just took too much notice of all the negative reviews I'd read before hand. 
It just goes to show, what might/might not work for one person, might be totally the opposite for someone else.
I shall try out the foundation tomorrow and let you know what I think.

Images from

Request your Lumi Magique free samples here.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blooming beautiful!

Something is bugging me at the moment. Well, its been bugging me for awhile if I'm honest.
Every time I see an article, either online, tv or in a magazine about Jessica Simpson it is about how fat/huge/massive/big she is.

Image from

I would just like to say she is NOT FAT, she is PREGNANT. Her womb currently has a BABY inside it.
What do people not understand this?

Just because she used to be a skinny minny doesn't mean that she won't ever gain weight! 
I think its great she is embracing her pregnancy and not sticking to punishing exercise regimes or restricted diets. 
She has apparantly admitted to eating "everything in sight" and so what? Her body obviously wants to. My body craved red meat and coke whilst pregnant, two thing I NEVER eat normally. So what if shes gained weight? Weight gain during pregnancy is healthy! Its needed for breastfeeding and is natures way of preparing for babys arrival.

Jessica looks lovely and I am so happy to see a "normal" pregnant celebrity.
Yes, there are just as many naturally thin ladies that don't gain much weight during pregnancy, but this doesn't mean that EVERY woman has to stay thin. I certainly didn't!

Me full term with Ozzy, July last year.

Me full term with Lily, February 2009

See? I was HUGE! I put weight on all over my body, 3 stone to be exact. Yes I was eating more, but I didn't eat excessively. I exercised too, but still gained, its just natures way!
And so what? Who cares? My baby was healthy, I had great births and the weight soon came off after.

If you're skinny and pregnant, great! I'm happy for you!
If your bigger and pregnant, thats great too!

As long as you're healthy, baby too...thats all that matters surely?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My little Next boy

I love Next, especially for the childrens clothes. It has a reputation for being quite pricey but the quality and design of Next clothing is always amazing. My little boy, Ozzy, is a rather chunky little fella and I've found that most trousers and jeans don't fit him around the waist. The only brand that fits him perfectly is Next so most of his clothes come from there. I love how stylish they are, many of the items could easily be worn by a grown male and look on trend! I get so excited when I walk into the little boys section, its hard to restrain myself from blowing all my dosh on new outfits.
A recent trip into town resulted in Ozzy being spoilt again, only with a few things.. but I thought he looked so cute I had to share them with you.

Monkey hat- Next £5
Blue chinos- Next £9

Top- Next £7
Jeans- Next £12

I also bought him some cute little espadrilles for the summer, they're a bit too big for him at the moment.

OOTD- Primark Cardigan

This cardigan isn't something I'd usually wear but when I bought it last week I was wearing my new purple skater dress from Topshop and feeling rather girly (will do a post on that in the week) I think its very Chanel- esque. Of course, I had to rock it up a little with wet look leggings and my trusted Firetrap biker boots ;-)

Navy cardigan- Primark £12
Wet look leggings- Next £15
Black vest top- Dorothy Perkins £5