Monday, 3 October 2011

My favourite perfumes

Hello! I decided my first post is going to be about my favourite scents at the moment. They are-

Left to right, Chloe, Miss Dior Cherie, Daisy Eau So Fresh (mini), Vera Wang Princess, Valentino Rock and Rose.

I absolutely LOVE these perfumes but my all time favourite has got to be Chloe. It is so light and fresh, i really dislike heavy perfumes that can give you a headache.
Mr.A bought me the Daisy Eau So Fresh the other day, its a mini version (20ml) and comes with a 15ml 'recharge' (as its called on the box) and a little funnel. I thought this was a great idea! The mini perfume is perfect for keeping in your handbag. I love the smell of this, to be honest i dont notice much difference between this scent and the original Daisy, i just chose it for the cute pink bottle :)

Holli x

What are your favourite perfumes? Can you recommend any i might like?


  1. Oo.. have a look at my blog. I listed Chloe as my top 3 fav perfumes. hehe.. You should try Bvlgari Omnia in Crystalline. It's beautiful. I am on my third bottle now:) xx

  2. Oooh ive never heard of that before, will have to go seek it out and have a sniff :-) x

  3. I'm loving Jimmy Choo at the moment x


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