Sunday, 16 October 2011

Britney merchandise, what to buy?!

Its only 2 week until i go see Britney in Birmingham! I am so excited i could pee my pants! When i went to see Britney in her Circus tour I came back with a dog tag style necklace and a programme. I couldnt decide whether to get a tshirt at the time and now im gutted i didnt! This time round ive decided to have a look  on the net before we go. So here it is...

(Click to enlarge)

I am loving the red t-shirt, i want to customise it by cutting the sleeves and rolling them up, then cutting the neck to make it more scoop neck. The leggings are fab too! Im not sure how much each item is but usually the t-shirts are around £20 i think. 

What would you buy?

Also, theres a great giveaway over at 'I am a weapon of massive consumption' click here to check it out :-)


  1. I like the red one as well. I went crazy at the Beyonce concert and bought so much merch. Mostly posters ha. Would love to see Brit live as well. I feel like I grew up with her.


  2. Oooo id love to see beyonce! Id like to see gaga too, bet her shows amazing x


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