Saturday, 26 May 2012

New Look coral wedges

Another post from my mobile today. I bought these for £24.99 from the wide feet selection. They are so comfy! I wore them on a family day out to the lake and during the evening and my feet didn't hurt at all. They are surprisingly easy to walk in too.

Holli z

Friday, 18 May 2012

Summer Peep Toe Platform Heels

I wanted to take a better photo of me actually wearing these little beauties before I posted but I'm not feeling very photogenic today so this will have to do.
I have seen these style heels floating around the internet for ages now. Originally I fell in love with the ASOS Bitten heels (see here) but they are sold out everywhere and go for stupid amounts on Ebay.
I searched high and low for a pair in cream but failed so decided to opt for good old black from Daisy Street Shoes.

I bloomin' love 'um!

Quite glad I got black now, they are more versatile.
At only £32 I think they're a bargain and can't wait to wear them.

Summer Peep Toe Platform Heels available here for £32 (and they have other colours too!)

MRI scan results

Regular readers will know I have been having problems with my neck since October last year. I had an appointment with the ear, nose and throat specialist on Wednesday to discuss my MRI scan results.
Apparently I have a fistula tract, an abnormal passageway between two sites of the body. In my case it starts in an area of my neck where I had a gland removed in 2007 and ends on the outside of my neck. This is whats causing the swelling, pain and bleeding.
The surgery is optional, but I'm going to have it done. I don't want to be stuck with this "thing" on my neck forever. It looks awful and is very painful, so I said yes and am booked in for August 1st.
It's going to take two surgeons to sort me out as neither of them have ever had to do this operation before (fills me with such confidence, NOT!) My mum made a good point though, if neither have done it before then maybe they shall take extra precautions and treat me more carefully than normal, I'm hoping so anyway!
There's one main risk with this op and that's a nerve that runs across the area they need to get to. Its the nerve that is linked to the corner of my mouth and there's a very high chance that it could be damaged or even severed altogether. If this happens I shall lose the ability to control the corner of my mouth, which means I will only have half a smile :-( This has been playing on my mind ever since, I am so worried! I know that all the risks have to be discussed "just in case" but this one she went on and on about, even on my notes she circled it AND put stars next to it... talk about making a point. 

So at the moment I am a tad stressed and blogging isn't a priority right now. This makes me sad because I usually really enjoy it :-(
Sorry for the negative post, but I thought I'd update you all.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Abducted by Aliens

The title is a lie, I haven't been abducted by Aliens, Ive just found myself super busy lately. Blogging has taken a backseat unfortunately. I get the results of my MRI scan tomorrow and I'm pretty nervous :-/
Aside from that I've bought some fabulous heels so shall be showing them to you very soon!
Holli x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rimmel Indulgence

I couldnt resist the summery flamingo pink shade of this lipstick when i spotted it in my local chemist yesterday...
I love Rimmel lippies, they are my favourite along with Collection 2000. They are so pigmented and moisturising, i love applying them.
This colour is my new fave :-)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I Want... Chockers Shoes

Today has been a very lazy Sunday. Apart from doing my cross trainer and dying my hair it has been very chilled today. Willow is playing outside in the sun, Ozzy is mincing around in his walker and Lily is watching Curious George. Not a whinge or moan can be heard, heaven! The only thing getting me down is Mr.A being away, he's in Wales with the Army for a week :-(

 To cheer me up I decided to browse and fell in love with these 6 little beauties...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Topshop Allegra boots dupe

I have wanted a pair of these boots for while now. The Topshop Allegra boots aren't for sale anymore and the prices on Ebay are ridiculous. I also took a liking to the ASOS Anais Chelsea boots but at £55 (and that's the sale price) it was out of my budget. So I scouted Ebay for some look a likes and came across these little beauties for just £24.99.

I ordered them Thursday late afternoon and they were arrived yesterday, around 2pm. How quick is that?! 

I'm so glad I bought these, they are super comfy and fit perfectly. Surprisingly they are really good quality too.

Available from this Ebay seller, £24.99

Friday, 4 May 2012

Jewelery bargains

I went for a mooch in Town yesterday and came back with these little bargains...

The gold River Island necklace wasn't in the sale, but at £7 I think its a price well paid as this will be a very versatile piece. I originally wanted it in silver but they had sold out :-(
I also noticed RI have a cheaper range of jewelry, at around £3 per item. They had cute little owl charm bracelets, mini cupcake earrings and dainty pendant necklaces, plus quite a bit more but I cant remember now. Should have taken a photo really!