Friday, 7 October 2011

My embarrasing morning

I had ordered some bunk beds for the girls, they were to be delivered between 7 and 9 today. Argos text me yesterday informing me that i would get a phonecall an hour before delivery. At 6 this morning i had a phonecall from a mobile number i didnt know, me being half asleep ignored it and put my phone on silent. Fell back asleep only to be woken up by banging and my dogs barking like crazy. In my dazed state i ran downstairs to see an Argos truck parked outside. A rather good looking man stuck his head round my door... It was 7am, i was half asleep, slightly panicked by the banging, my hair was like Edward Scissorhands and id Fake tanned the night before so looked like i'd been dunked in Marmite... Not a good look. When the men had left i went to the bathroom,to find i had dried up dribble all over my chin... No wonder the bloke was staring at me smiling...
NEVER agreeing to have something delivered in the morning EVER again!

Holli x

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  1. this made me lol, i'd do this sort of thing, i hate it when you've got to get up early for deliveries, i normally hide in the living room and get the fiance to deal with it!


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