Saturday, 28 April 2012


Today we decided to visit some friends, here's what I wore...

Shirt- Primark, last year.
Necklace- Topshop, in the sale for £7.50
Leggings- Next £15
Shoes- New Look, ages ago.

I chose this loose fitting shirt today as my tummy is quite bloated and I was having a fat day.
I've worked my butt off exercising but according to the scales I've put a pound on. I'm convincing myself its muscle though as I have started doing Body Pump again. I love this class, it made such a difference to my body when I first started (before I got pregnant with Ozzy). I also did a Body Attack class on Thursday, straight after Pump! What a mistake, I was absolutely shattered and thought I was going to pass out. Strangely, I enjoyed the feeling, I like feeling as though I've worked hard.

What exercise classes do you do?

Friday, 27 April 2012

Glossybox April 2012

I have been receiving my monthly Glossybox for awhile now but never really felt the need to blog about it as there are hundreds of posts flying around. This month however, I am so happy with what I got that I wanted to share :-)

This month has a natural/organic theme, with all the products being either or.

From left, clockwise- Ayuuri body wash in Rose- full size, Yes! Nurse intensive moisturizing hand formula- full size, Figs & Rouge cherry and vanilla 100% organic lip balm- full size, Inika organic lip liner in shade 01 Safari- full size, Caudalie S.O.S thirst quenching serum.

4 out of 5 full size products! I am impressed!

My first impressions-

Ayuuri body wash- Enriched with Indian Rose, Jasmine and Aloe Vera. Only had a sniff of this and oh my! It smells amazing, so fresh and summery. I can't wait to shower with this later.

Yes! Nurse hand cream- With active Manuka honey +15 and Omega 3, 6 and 9. There's something about the packaging of this product that I really love, not sure what exactly but I was really drawn to it. I've had a quick rub into my hands and the first thing I noticed was its pleasant smell, fresh but subtle. My hands feel very soft but slightly greasy. Will see how long the softness lasts until my hands are a scaly mess again!

Figs & Rouge lip balm- 100% organic. Another fabulously packaged product! I have just applied this to my lips and its gorgeous. Lovely smell, great texture and my lips are as soft as my baby's little bum cheeks. Massive thumbs up!

Inika lip liner- Certified organic. Never heard of this brand before but first impressions are that it is higher end beauty. Sleek and simple packaging, and lovely matte effect pencil.The liner itself has great pigmentation and this particular shade (01 Safari) will work well with my nude lipsticks.

Caudalie serum- I cant really tell whats in/ whats not in this product as its all in French, hmmm. There is a little bit on the back that says there is 0% parabens, phtalates and a whole other list of strangely named ingredients. So I'm guessing it all contains good stuff. I put a small amount on my face and it rubbed in well, my skin feels soft and none greasy. Other serums I have tried have given me spots so I'm hoping this one won't!

Are you happy with Aprils Glossybox?

Monday, 23 April 2012

My blog package swap

A few weeks ago I signed up to take part in a blog package swap over at Island Girl Insights. I was assigned a swap partner who was the lovely Viki from Little Owl's Blog.
I have been so looking forward to receiving Viki's parcel and was over the moon when it arrived today, so much in fact I took pictures right away and uploaded within minutes! Me and my daughter Lily had lots of fun trying out all the goodies I'd been sent...

When I opened my package I was greeted by cute little note and a lovely scent, I think she may have squirted it with perfume, not sure what exactly but it was lovely :-)

Inside my box was some Chinese koala biscuits, a handmade necklace, Max Factor flipstick colour in shade  30- Gipsy Red, Gosh nail polish in shade 540- Ocean, a cute little crochet bow (not pictured) and a bag full of Chinese sweets!

Strawberry cream filled biscuits, nom nom.

Possibly the nicest little biscuits I've ever had!


Clockwise from top left- Haw Flakes (this is like a little roll thinly sliced, tastes perfume-ish at first but then fruity, crispy and strange but still nice!), White Rabbit (I am so thrilled to have recieved these! When I was in primary school I had a Chinese friend who used to bring me sweets every now and again, we would sit in the bushes at playtime and eat them all, these were my favourite! They taste exactly as I remember, yummy!) Grape flavour marshmallow thingy (Its a soft marshmallow with a gooey fruity centre, odd but tasty. I cant make out the name, theres no English except "Grape flavour") 

Viki made this herself, so cute.

Closeup of the GOSH nail polish. Lovely shade, me down to a tee!

Another handmade item by Viki herself. Such a talented lady. I love how unique this is, I've never seen a piece of jewelery like this before.

Thank you for my items Viki, I love them all :-)

Have you ever taken part in a blog package swap before?

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Selling my Fearne Cotton dress

I've decided to sell the swing dress I posted about a few months ago. It's a gorgeous dress but I just don't wear it so it's gathering dust in my wardrobe. I have only worn it once so it's in excellent condition.
It's currently on eBay, search for item number 190668670415 if youre interested :-)

Holli x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

OOTD and naughty Topshop purchases

Today I popped into town with my friend from next door. Here's what I wore...

Sorry for the bad quality photos, I used my iPhone as my camera has died.

I threw over a good old Primark blazer and McQueen scarf.

Closeup of my sparkly sequinned leggings and shoes.

I've had these leggings and shoes for about 2 years now. They are my all time favourite leggings EVER, I got them in the sale from Oasis for about £20. The shoes were a bargain too, from New Look... I wasnt too sure about them at first as they are like casual pumps but with heels.. however, they are so comfy and they grew on me really quick. Can't remember how much I payed but I love em.

My trip into town was quick but I still managed to pick up two things from Topshop, in the sale. I love a good sale!

Ear cuff was £7 down to £3.50. Necklace was £15 down to £7.50

There was so much more I wanted to buy but Mr.A has put me on a spending ban (again!). Boooo!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My MRI scan

Totally not a beauty or fashion related post but thought I'd update you on the latest news regarding my neck.
I was feeling a little anxious this morning as I didn't really know what to expect. I'd seen MRI scan photos on Google but going inside the machine was still pretty daunting. I'm not claustrophobic by any means but terrifying images of 'Final Destination' type scenes kept popping into my imaginative little head.
As far as I was aware I'd have to strip off and wear nothing but a gown for my scan but surprisingly I was wrong. I could wear my own clothes, minus a bra and jewellery (metal effects the scan). Mr scan man taped a cod liver oil capsule to my neck so he knew exactly where to scan then I lay on the bench with my head in a sort of vice, I was then given earplugs and my head was secured with soft cushion pieces. Mr scan man gave me a little rubber ball thingy to hold and told me to give it a squeeze if I wanted to get out, at this point I got a little nervous, why would I want to get out? A plastic cage type lid was put over my face and I noticed a little mirror just above me. This was to give me something to look at whilst in there, it showed me the window where mr and mrs scan people were working... Fun!
I was pushed into the machine on my little bench, silently shitting my pants, then there was silence. I understand now why I was asked if I'm claustrophobic, it is so enclosed in there, you literally can't move.
After about 15 minutes of loud banging, whizzing and other noises which resemble a computer printer it was finished. My bench was pulled out and I was allowed to go. All I have to do now is wait for my appointment with the ear nose and throat specialist to go over the scan results and determine what to do next. The appointment isn't until may 16th, that's the earliest they could get me in! I hate waiting, the next few weeks are going to be pants!

Holli x

Monday, 16 April 2012

FOTD- Purple Pearl

Another make up look for you today. I decided to go with purple. I used three shadows that I bought about 2 years ago that have been very neglected!

Clockwise from the left- Rimmel London eyeshadow (don't think they sell this colour anymore), MUA eyeshadow in pearl shade 3, MUA eyeshadow in pearl shade 9.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

FOTD- Gold "n" Green

Whilst the little'un slept I decided to play around with my makeup. I haven't posted a face of the day for awhile so thought I'd go more dramatic than my usual...

Here I used the gold shade from my MUA Dusk 'til Dawn palette and the shade "Moss" from my True Blood Tarte palette.
On my lips I'm wearing MUA's lipstick shade 14- Bare.

What do you think?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

The best natural looking tan EVER!

Awhile back I won a set of tanning products from the Bronze Ambition range. It has taken me months to get round to trying out their "natural look tanning cream" as I like to use up what I already have first.

I absolutely LOVE this tanning cream. It beats my Fake Bake, Laurens Way and St Moriz hands down.
I was a little dubious when applying as it is completely colourless so you cant see where you are rubbing it in. It had a lovely smell, like made me want to eat it!

I applied it before bed using a mitt and when I woke up in the morning (with clean sheets!) I had a lovely, even, golden tan. I was so impressed! It had even taken to my shins, which most fake tans don't. 
I applied a second layer the following night as I like my tans to be quite dark, and again the next morning I woke up lovely and golden. What makes this cream even more amazing is its lasting power. I have found a lot of fake tans don't last very long on my skin, after a few days they have faded. This one stayed put for over a week!

I have already used up the 100ml bottle so purchased the 150ml size (shown above).
For £2.99 this is an absolute bargain!
If you like your really dark, obviously fake looking tans then this cream isn't for you, but if you want a golden, natural looking glow then go buy some right NOW!

Bronze Ambition Fake don't Bake, natural look tanning cream is available here from £1.99

Have you tried anything from the Bronze Ambition range?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

River island purchases

I haven't posted in awhile, things have been rather busy and stressful. Me and the family went back to the Midlands for the weekend, Willow had a bowling party for her 7th birthday and I met up with friends for some Bank Holiday fun in town. Monday and Tuesday were spent VERY hungover. I have never felt so awful in all my life! The morning of Easter Sunday was fun, I helped the kids consume what seemed like millions of chocolate eggs. I felt very guilty afterwards so have worked my arse off in my exercise classes.

Apart from falling out with my mum it was a great weekend. Here's my two purchases from River Island last week, I wore them together with my Christian Louboutins and some light pink feather earrings for a night out in town.

As this top is backless I had to go bra-less! Yes, I let them all hang out! Well, not exactly out but there was no bra or tit tape! I ended up putting plasters over my nipples just in case my jubblies decided to make an appearance through the sides of my top! 

Backless vest top, £30 River Island
Multi coloured leopard print leggings, £18 River Island.

Also, I have discovered the wonderful world of Instagram. Some of you are already following so have already seen some of the above pictures. But I have also posted lots of personal photos of the kids on there. If you want to follow me my username is dragon_mommy

I have my MRI scan this coming Monday too, I'm not worried, just a little anxious but I just want to find out what is wrong with me and hopefully fix it.

How was your Easter weekend?

Thursday, 5 April 2012


This is my first attempt at mobile blogging. I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 4s the other day, I'm loving having all the apps and funky camera effects. Does anyone have any recommendations?
Me and the family went into town today, bought a gorgeous top and funky leggings from River Island, will post about them soon. Here's what I wore today...
Studded denim gilet, River Island a few seasons ago.
Slashed leggings, River Island a few seasons ago.
Cross necklace, Burton menswear.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Spice Girls

I was a huge Spice Girls fan back in the 90's. Infact, I was obsessed. 
Every newspaper article, every Walkers crisp packet, every picture in a magazine that featured them, I kept. I had a "special drawer" in my room for all their stuff. It contained everything you could get your hands on.
Sadly, as I matured, I felt I'd outgrown my Spice Girls phase and chucked it all out. Oh how I regret doing such a thing! I so wish I'd kept everything!

The reason for this post is I have recently read there is to be a Spice Girls musical...
I'm not sure how I feel about this... you know how the sequels to much loved films never live up to the originals expectations? Well that's how I feel about this. I know there hasn't been a musical before and the Spice Girls won't actually be in it, but I cant help feel like their time has been done and it should be left. No revivals, no reunions. This is how I want my memories of the worlds biggest girl band to be....

Remember these?!

Images above from

Image above from

Images above from Spice Girls Collection