Monday, 3 October 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog. I've been umming and ahhing over whether to make this blog for a few days now...its taken me ages to finally do!
I guess I should firstly introduce myself so here goes...
I'm holli, 23 years old, married to a soldier with 3 beautiful children, 2 daughters ages 6 and 2, and one son who is 3 months. I have two dogs ( who drive me mad!)... A pomeranian and a bichon frise. I have a crazy hippie-esque mother who has a strange obssesion with leather bags at the moment, a dad who is old enough to be my grandad that spends 24hours a day on the computer and speaks to no-one... And a gobby wench of a younger sister that drives me up the wall, but i love her to bits.
Im sure these people will crop up along the way, including my husband who is probably the craziest out the lot...we shall call him Mr.A.

Heres a bit of background history on little old me...
I grew up as the eldest out of two daughters, had a happy childhood. i met a boy at 15 and got pregnant with my eldest daughter, left 6th form halfway through and got rid of the boyfriend (violent tw*t), argued with my parents alot, moved out, met my husband, had our daughter. Got married (a year ago) and moved up North because of the Army, then we had our little boy.
Thats my life in a nutshell minus ALOT of drama, but im sure that will crop up in posts over time!

Now the whole reason behind this blog is to help myself. I have suffered with depression since the birth of my eldest (i blame the ex boyf!) Unfortunately i declined any help and over the years its got slowly worse. I now have OCD to contend with and signs of schitzophrenia according to my Dr (although this is yet to be offically confirmed) and before you think 'holy moly, shes got two personalities!' i haven't... Schitzophrenia isnt the same as multiple personality disorder, its more about thought processes... More on that another time though. Ive recently started therapy and found that writing things down really helps, hence the blog! Im sure theres other people out there like me and im hoping they will somehow come across my blog and maybe give me the oppurtunity to have a chat, share problems and advice etc... I havent made this for sympathy, thats the last thing i want, this blog is simply my release.

Oh and don't worry, this blog wont be full of depressing posts, i plan on writing about other things that interest me like makeup, fashion, food and my weight loss journey :) Might start that subject abit later, the screen is hurting my eyes!

So anyone that wants to chat or maybe any questions feel free to comment or email me, im a friendly person and love a good chinwag! :)

Oh yeah, almost forgot... I love reading other peoples blogs! So if you have one or know a great one then please let me know!

Thanks for reading :)

Holli x

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