Friday, 14 October 2011

Vivo, slimming and Charlie

So me and the rabble popped to Tesco lastnight, the girls were amazed with all the Halloween stuff. Mr.A decided to chase Lily round the aisles wearing a scary mask, she was screaming so high pitched it almost became inaudible! Then he decided to stick a severed arm up my sleeve and pull it out while shouting "argghhh! Mommys arms come off!" My eldest, Willow though it was hilarious and nearly wet herself laughing so much, Lily on the other hand looked petrified. The little monsters chose their Halloween outfits, Willows a pirate witch, Lilys a devil and Ozzy is a skeleton. They are going to look so cute :-)
I popped along to the slimming foods section and came across food by the Atkins diet. Ive never tried this diet before but decided to pick up two of their meal replacement bars, chocolate decadence and chocolate hazlenut crunch. I tried the chocolate decadence one last night, it was soooo nice! Im definately buying one again. I also bought a tub of slim fast in chocolate flavour, a choc peanut meal replacement bar by slim fast and a tescos own ultra slim shake in vanilla. Will let you know how they taste! Im still taking the maxitone shakes everyday, im used to the bitter after taste now. Weigh day soon!

I decided to check out Tescos makeup range Vivo. Id heard good comments about them from other bloggers so decided to check it out for myself. I picked up-

Left to right top row- lipstick in coral flair, lipstick in pink pout £1.99 each, volumising mascara in black £2.59, black liquid eyeliner £2.00.
Left to right bottom row- baked bronzer in bronzed shade 2 £5.00, blush with highlighter duo in sugar candy shade 2 £2.39.


Left to right top row- sugar candy blush, sugar candy highlighter.
Left to right bottom row- coral flair lipstick, pink pout lipstick, eyeliner, bronzer.


The first thing i noticed about these was the smell. It reminds me of being on holiday applying sun lotion, it has that sweet vanilla/ coconut scent, soooo nice! I found them both easy to apply, they were moisturising and made my lips feel soft after application. Im glad i picked the colours i did, they are both so soft and pretty. The pink pout has a slight gold shimmer to it which i love. The packaging is nice to, sleek and shiny with a different shape to the normal round tube.

Pink pout

Coral flair


I chose the volumising mascara as i dont feel my lashes particulary need length. The mascara i usually wear is Dior. I dont usually go for other brands of mascara unless im running out and low on funds. The brush is similar to my Dior, it was quite big and thick. Im a little bit odd in that i like to use my mascara when it is slightly dry. Whens its fresh it just seems to slide on and off again. I dont like clumps or spider eyes, i just find the mascara sticks better when its not brand new. Having said that, this mascara was pretty good. It took 3 coats to get it how i like, ive found with other brands it takes alot more. Im quite impressed and would buy it again in the future :-)

Nice fat brush

Without mascara

With... Me likey!


I didnt see the point in taking a picture of this, it looks just like any other black liquid eyeliner. I usually use Rimmel, it stays on all day, its easy to apply and does great flicks as the brush is stiff. The Vivo eyeliner however, does not. The brush is really thin and bendy, great if you want thin delicate lines but i like mine thicker. The bendy brush makes it hard to flick at the outer corners, i had to switch back to my trusted Rimmel one for that. I shall use Vivos eyeliner until it runs out but i wouldnt repurchase.


I love this bronzer! It gives a nice bronzed glow to the skin and looks equally good used on the cheeks as a blusher. It goes on smooth and doesnt make you look orange. The biggest bonus for me is that its cheaper than my usual by GOSH. I shall repurchase this IF it has good staying power. I have only just applied it so dont know if it will still be on later today, i shall let you know.

Blush and highlighter-

I was abit worried this blush would be abit too Barbie pink for me, i usually go for more orangey blush. It looks much brighter in real life than in the picture almost neon! Thank goodness its not when applied. It was a much softer shade of pink and gave me a healthy glow. The highlighter is fab, its subtle and sparkly, just how i like it. It went on fab and was easy to blend.

My phone wouldnt take a good enough photo with the bronzer and blush applied. Ive just found my camera though, woo hoo! Once ive got it up and running i will be able to take better pictures.

I took a fab picture of one of my doggies yesterday, hes wearing his little 'Security' t-shirt and rolled over for me when i got my phone out to snap him. Meet Charlie... Hes a 9 mnth old Bichon Frise-

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  1. awww cute dog <3
    Great Vivo picks I have their baked bronzer and love it! Xx


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