Sunday, 30 October 2011

X Factor 29th Oct

So it was Halloween night on the X Factor last night and i was so excited to see all their costumes. What a dissapointment! The Risk, Johnny and Craig didnt bother, they looked as normal as they always do, so boring! Mischa B looked like a complete idiot and what was going on with Kittys hair? I wasnt impressed with Tulisas outfit either. 
I tuned in a little late and was rather confused when I saw a different member of The Risk prancing about on stage then i noticed Alexandra Burke sitting in Kellys place. A quick search in the internet showed me Kelly was ill and Ashley (the absent member of The Risk) had quit as a boyband isnt really for him... He only decided this 48hrs before the show though, talk about short notice! He was quickly replaced though, with Nu-Vibe member Ashford (who in my opinion is much better looking than Ashley.) I really like The Risk, i think theyre fab and i enjoy watching them. 
Another group i like, well LOVE, is Little Mix (previously known as Rythmix), i dont think they've had a bad week yet, they are brill and really hope they win. Their version of Katy Perrys ET was so good!
I really dont know who will go tonight, I think everyone deserves to be there... even Johnny. I actually LIKED his performance last night i have to admit.
Marcus was good, nothing special though. He has a good voice but I dont think he will win.
Craig bored me, he always bores me and i cant stand the stupid faces he pulls. He looks angry all the time.
Kitty was fab, she has such a wicked voice. I dont know why they keep doing her hair and makeup so vile though, she looks like a bloke. Its a shame that she made such a bad impression at auditions, i think its affecting the way people vote.
Sophie was her usual dreary self, I know she has a voice that only suits certain types of song but we always know what to expect from her each week. I want to see something abit different.
Janet was the same as always too but I love her voice. She looked really good as a dead bride/spooky doll type thing. I really enjoyed her performance.
As always Mischa B sung her heart out, I really like her, just wish her outfits werent so OTT.
Frankie... I love Frankie, he is such a cheeky chap. His performance last night was so good, I really hope he stays in the competition.

Heres a few pics from the night...(click them to enlarge)

The Risk with new member Ashford (far left)

Mischa B looking like a Rhino Monstrosity

Alexandra Burke, absolutely LOVE this dress.

Little Mix. Their faces were amazing! Dancing was fab! Sung a wicked song so well! Love them!

Who do you think should go tonight?

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