Wednesday, 29 February 2012

FOTD- DuWop and MUA

I had to do my make up really quickly today as I was running late for my therapy appointment, so please excuse the shabbiness of it.
I used two colours from the Dusk til Dawn palette from Mua and tried out the Venom gloss by DuWop that I received in my GlossyBox this month.

I was a little dissapointed with the pigmentation of this palette. The single eyeshadows from MUA are so great I expected these to be the same. I had to use quite a bit of product to get any noticeable colour. However, when applied I really loved how it turned out (even if it was really rushed and not blended properly!).

Shade- Buttercup
Image from

I have tried many "lip plumping" glosses before and found the only one to make visible difference was Lip Injection by Too Faced (it stung like hell). I was hopeful this DuWop Venom gloss would be good as it is from a higher end brand. It applied smoothly but felt a little too sticky for my liking. After a few seconds the tingling sensation began and lasted a good 15 minutes. However, I noticed no change in the plumpness of my lips, although they did turn slightly more pink.
I do absolutely LOVE the shade of this gloss though, its a subtle champagne colour but as my lips became more pink due to the tingling feeling it sort of turned the gloss into a lovely nudey pink. I am considering purchasing the full size :-)

Mua palette available here for £4
DuWop venom gloss available here for £16

Have you tried either products before?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Charlotte Olympia Cat alternative!

If you are a celebrity/gossip obsessive you might have noticed the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Katy Perry wearing a particular pair of cat pumps...
They are the Kitty Flats by Charlotte Olympia and can set you back a hefty £485!

Image from

Alexa Chung

Katy Perry

Poppy Delevigne

Sarah Jessica Parker

Celeb photos from Google Images

If you haven't got £485 floating about in your back pocket you can still get the look for ALOT less, £461 less infact...

And where are they from?! And they are only £23.99!
Bargain :-)

Click here to buy 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Topshop Love

All available from

Glam Shine Diamant- Pink Carat

I blogged a few weeks ago showing you Loreals' Glam Shine Diamant lipgloss in a nudey brown colour (see here). Well I decided to pick up another colour, Shade 165 Pink Carat. I'm a sucker for pink lips so this colour really appealed to me.

Shade 165 Pink Carat

Super shiny and full of sparkle

No flash


Miserable poser

I really love the Glam Shine Diamant lipglosses. They are so soft to apply and not greasy or sticky. I really hate lip glosses that feel heavy or tacky on the lips but this is perfect. It glides on nicely with the heart shaped applicator and lasts ages. 
I really want to pick up more shades, I've got my eye on Coral Carat.

Boots only have the two shades I've shown you (nude carat and pink carat) at £7.69 each, but Direct Cosmetics sell 6 different shades (excluding pink carat) at only £2.99 each. 

Available from Boots here or from Direct Cosmetics here.

If you have tried any of the other shades please let me know, I'd love to see them.

Friday, 24 February 2012

The Zilla dress

I just saw this posted on Facebook, WOW! I am in love! What beautiful colours this dress comes in. So perfect for spring/summer. I absolutely love the style and cut of this dress, I wish I could afford to get it in every colour. If you aren't a fan of wearing brights they have the Zilla dress in darker colours too.

For £26.99 this is a bloomin' bargain!

Zilla Dress from Missguided available here for £26.99

Thursday, 23 February 2012

New MUA purchases

Even though I'm not meant to be spending any money on things I don't need I couldn't resist ordering a few bits from MUA (naughty me). Originally I was only going to order a certain nail polish, which I have seen lots of on blogs lately. Its the shade U Rok from the Love Hearts collection. Then I saw that the eye shadow palettes had a pound off so I added one of those to my basket... and I couldn't proceed to the checkout before browsing the lipsticks, so in went item number 3...

Top left, clockwise, nail polish in U ROK, lipstick in shade 14- Bare, Dusk til Dawn eye shadow palette.

It was the turquoise shade that drew me to this particular palette.

Sorry for the blur, my battery was about to die.

I actually love this lipstick! I have been searching for a perfect nude for awhile now but now I think I'm going to stick with this one. I love how subtle it is, it was nice to apply, didn't dry my lips out and was a bargain at only £1!

I will do some swatches of the eye shadow palette when I get the chance, and do a NOTD post using U Rok.

Lipstick available here for £1
Nail polish available here for £2
Dusk til Dawn palette on offer here for £3 (usual price £4)

New CID cosmetics- my purchases

My best friend came to stay with me for a few days last week. I managed to get her to take the plunge and get her haircut at the salon by me. She is terrified of having her hair cut, its super long and she hardly ever has a trim. It was in desperate need of a re-style. Whilst she was in there I had a look at the New CID cosmetics stand. I was instantly drawn to the i-glow compact shimmer powder, then of course the lipsticks....
Here's what I ended up buying...

Lipstick in Dusk, i-glow compact shimmer in Coral Crush.

I love the fact the lipstick has a mirror on it, then a button on the end which turns on a little light!

Perfect for applying in the dark on a night out!

How beautiful is this?!

Swatched... the camera couldn't quite pick up on the beautiful gold shimmer that runs through the coral compact powder. Believe me, it is so stunning! I have used it all over my face for a glow, and also as a blush.

Excuse my hideously dry lips! Even though the lipstick was moisturizing (it went on lovely by the way) my lips still look dry, no amount of exfoliating and lip balm is helping! :-(

I really wish I could have bought some more items from New CID but they are quite pricey. The only thing that disappointed me was the packaging, I think the white plastic makes it look a little cheap and I'd rather spend the money on a MAC lipstick for the price... but that's just me being picky. I absolutely love the i-glow compact and will use it religiously so it will be worth its money. 

i-glow shimmer compact available here for £22.50
Lipstick available here for £15

FOTD- Fatal Violet

Yay! I have a computer, finally! I've hated not being able to blog properly. This post is a look from a few days ago. My mum bought me this eyeshadow randomly a few weeks back (shes a little obsessed with the colour purple)...

Maybelline eye shadow in Fatal Violet (photo above with flash)

Please excuse its shabby condition, its been used a few times and has been floating around in my makeup bag for ages.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The things children say...

Whilst watching Rihanna perform at the Brit awards, my daughter Lily, aged 3 told me-

Lily: I dont like her.
Me: Why?
Lily: I dont like dirty boy girls, I like pretty girls.

An hour later lily comes downstairs with lipstick over her face...

Me: Why have you done that? I told u not to touch the makeup.
Lily: I'm sorry mommy I wanted to look beautiful like you.

Kids, don't you just love 'um?!

By the way, I still have no computer. Our new one has been despatched so hopefully it will be here by tomorrow. I'm desperate to get back into daily blogging mode, I've missed it so much!
This week has been quite busy, I am looking after next doors puppy, an American Bulldog called Mia. She is so gorgeous with one black eye and one light blue eye. She gets on great with my two dogs, I think Charlie might have even fallen in love with her! Haha. He follows her everywhere, sits with her, watches her...then they have a little smooching/licking session every now and again. Ahhh :-)
I mentioned the Brits, did you watch? I recorded it then watched it back today... I like to skip the rubbish bits and adverts. Rihannas performance didnt really impress me to be honest. I really don't like her trashy grungy style at the moment, espcially her hair. Whats with the hideous roots? Bring back the red!
I can't believe Adele was cut off, how rude! It was only crappy Blur performing anyway, I didn't even know they still existed. Maybe if there werent so many adverts during shows then there would be more viewing time and Adele could have finished her speech! Adverts are so irritating....I won't get into it, I'll end up going on an on...

Anyway, I will hopefully be fully back with a new computer and the items I bought from New CID cosmetics to show you :-)

Holli x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Technology disaster

So my laptop has been on the blink for awhile now, the keyboard didn't work, neither did the mouse. My ipad charger broke then the new one turned out to be fake and took about 3 days to charge 5%! Then to top it all off my phone charger decided to stop working. So now we have no computer and no phone. I have my ipad though and luckily a new charger arrived today but i cant use it to post pictures. We have a new computer on the way so fingers crossed i can blog properly soon. I've just made two purchases from new CID cosmetics and can't wait to show you.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Above the knuckle ring

A few weeks ago I came across Wired Jewellery. I fell in love with the wishbone above the knuckle ring. As money was tight I put off buying it, until last week I couldn't restrain myself any longer. It arrived today in such cute packaging, I really love it!

I opened up the tissue paper to these cute little paper hearts :-)

I love how simple and delicate this ring is.

Have you purchased anything from Wired Jewellery before?

I won a give away!

I entered Alex's give away and won this beautiful Sanctuary set. I haven't had chance to try it out yet (I'm hoping Mr.A will treat me later been as it's Valentines Day). I can't wait to use it, I love feeling pampered and Sanctuary products are always such good quality. 
Thank you Alex!

Left to right- Moisture rich foot butter,  intensive rescue heel balm and luxury foot polish.