Monday, 30 January 2012

I hate money!

Well... I don't... its the lack of money that I hate really f****g detest! This month has been a struggle, we've had to borrow from numerous friends and family members, which really annoys me. I really dislike being in debt with people. Me and Mr.A really need to get to grips with our finances, I just don't know what's coming in and going out. We are definitely spending more than we earn, I know that for sure. 

I wish...

People assume that because my husbands in the Army and I don't work that we are loaded, I wish! Mr.A is on a rubbish wage, my sisters boyfriend (who cleans portable toilets) earns more than my husband! Because I don't work certain members of Mr.A's family think I am rolling in benefits, I'm NOT. We hardly get anything. Once the bills have been paid and the food shopping's been done we are hardly left with anything. They forget that children grow very fast and feeding 3 children, myself, two dogs and a husband (with a very large appetite) costs quite a bit! Yes I've had nice things like my Christian Louboutins but they were bought when Mr.A had come into a bit of money. We wanted to save this money to go towards getting a mortgage but there were so many things that needed paying off we just though it would be better to clear our debts and start 2012 fresh. 
Our money situation isn't helped by the fact I am an obsessive shopper. Whether its for myself or the kids I like love spending money, not huge chunks of it but little bits here and there, like make up, jewellery and the odd item of clothing. All those little bits add up though, I know this. I think its time me and Mr.A sat down and went through our finances properly. We need to sort ourselves out, pronto!

I have made a promise not to spend any more money unless it is really necessary, so that means I will have less make up reviews and new purchases to blog about for now :-( 

All I have to say on this matter is... 


  1. i know how this feels, people assume that because you can afford a nice holiday once in a while that your loaded, when infact you just like a little luxury now and again, i know how hard it can be having your own place and paying your own bills, what i always do is give myself a set limit each week, and try not to go over :)
    you could always get a money jar that you can't break and put a £1 in a week or more, that way you'll be saving without knowing and you can treat yourself at the end :)

  2. I'm in exactly the same boat, obsessive shopping and bills and tuition fees coming out of my ears! Managed to hardly spend anything this month tho.

    I don't really know how but I've signed up for a gym and I'm determined to get myself a bikini body, for some reason this ultimately has kept me out of the shops and stopped me from spending!

    Try not to go near a shop and then you won't be tempted :)

  3. haha that last pic made me smile, thats SO my face when I cant have my own way. I know what you mean id love to be more sensible with my money, I also spend little bits here and there on silly things that I know if I cut out my finances would be allot better. I wish you all the luck sorting things out with your money. Let us know how you get on :) x x

  4. ooohh i know what you mean about spending more than what is coming in. I just work one day a week now but i still treat myself like im earning a full time wage. Im awful with money. I try to make out to my family that im on top of my finances - but im not. I actually think im addicted to shopping! :\ xx

  5. Good idea Charlotte Elizabath, might have to buy one of those savings jars that you have to smash to open :-)

    CSI beauty, I don't go shopping that often its online where i go spend crazy!

    Thanks for wishing me luck Lucy, I could do with it. I've never been able to save successfully. This is going to be tough.

    I am the same as you Beth, make out to people we are fine but really we aren't at all! My husband thinks I am addicted too! lol. I know why I shop though, to make myself feel better.


  6. I no what you mean
    Shopping just makes ya fell better
    What I'm thinking of doin is selling stuff on eBay that u don't wear or use or a blog sale
    Then what ever money you get from that you can save up or spend it on what you like treat
    Yourself once in a while.
    Thank you for following my blog :)

  7. Love these photos-same here! Great blog, I've followed, check out mine sometime, Aly xx


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