Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Please vote for my friend for Big Brother

Good morning, a bit of a random post today. My friend Vicki has made an audition tape for Big Brother. 

Just a normal photo of my friend Vicki, hehe.

I genuinely think she would make a fantastic house mate. She is so rare! I've never met anyone as funny and as crazy as her in my life. I've known her since high school and she is still exactly the same fun, outgoing, happy person as she was back then. I don't know anyone else that can manage to break their arm on a passing horse box (haha), appear on Bargain Hunt and make it funny or manage to get the nickname LOL-cano from Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1.

Please take a look at her audition tape and give it a "Like" or even better, leave a positive comment :-) It would mean alot to me (and her!)

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