Thursday, 12 January 2012

24 hours left

So I'm still trying to get to grips with Twitter. I get the basics but still find it a little confusing! If you want to follow me/ want me to follow you (although I can't promise anything too exciting at the moment, I still can't figure out how to upload photos!) you can on @Dragon_Mommy

I'm waiting for the postman again! He arrived yesterday and delivered nothing but my Graze box :-( I'm expecting 3 parcels... A Mac lipstick, ASOS dress and the shoes I ordered for my birthday (they actually arrived last week but were too small so have been exchanged). I love the excitement you get when you know the postman is going to bring your goodies :-)

I'm a little down at the moment. Might seem silly but not being able to go to my exercise classes really bothers me. I usually go to Zumba toning, CX Worx and Zumba on a Tues, Wed and Thurs. Mr.A is away so there's nobody to have the children for me. I can't wait until we can move back to the Midlands (our hometown) in June/July!

I love CX Worx classes. It's only half an hour but really works you. It focuses on the core but works your other muscles too. I ached so much the day after my first class. 
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 However down I might be though I am looking forward to Saturday... Willow went to her first ballet class last week and decided she wants to keep going so we bought her the outfit. Lily also asked if she could go so her first lesson is this Saturday. They are going to look so beautiful in their lilac leotards and tutu's! I wanted to do ballet when I was little, I had all the clothes and used to prance about my living room. Not sure why I didn't go to any classes really, will have to ask my mum!

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  1. I love waiting for the postman too a little addictive however! I also fancy zumba but think i would just make a fool of myself maybe i should get a dvd workout, You could to so when u get the exercise bug and you can't leave the kids you can do that instead? x

  2. I was thinking about getting a Zumba DVD but I always end up getting bored doing the same routine over and over again. Then I lose motivation :-|
    I was a little embarrassed the first time I did Zumba, some of the moves are really funny. But you just got to remember everyone is there for the same reason and everyone does the same moves. I still find some of it a little cringey but its good fun. The first time I went I stood as far to the back as possible, a lady with absolutely NO co-ordination what-so-ever was infront of me, made me look rather good! Bless her, she tried her hardest and goes every week but doesn't get any better. I admire people like that though :-)

  3. I got zumba for the wii for Christmas, I still need to try it out! I use twitpic for putting photos on twitter, you just log in with your twitter account details and then it gives you a link to post them. Hope your parcels arrive soon! x


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