Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Shoe fiasco!

Good morning little dragons, I'm not having much look when it comes to ordering things online. First the dress I wanted was out of stock, then the boots I ordered for my birthday. I ordered these from Missguided.co.uk at the beginning of January...

...only to be told (after I'd paid for them!) that they were out of stock in my size and they had refunded me. I was rather annoyed buy luckily managed to find the exact same pair on Chockersshoes.co.uk So I quickly ordered them. That was over a week ago and I still haven't had them. I woke up this morning to an email from Chockers telling me they were out of stock and were still trying to get me a pair. I've asked them for a refund. I can't believe both times I have ordered these boots and paid for them, only to be told a whole WEEK later that they aren't available. I am so annoyed! 
When the refund comes through I am going to order these from Missguided instead...

Hopefully they will be in stock and shipped out to me ASAP!

Which pair do you prefer?

On a different note... I have been continuing my cosmetic surgery research and have booked a consultation with The Hospital Group in Newcastle this Friday. I shall be sure to let you know what happens/ what is said.


  1. I think i prefer the first pair. That's so bad, letting you pay then telling you they are out of stock :/ Good look with this pair! xoxo

  2. OO i hate shops that do this. I ordered from Ark about a month ago, and never heard a thing from them until this afternoon when they told me its out of stock :| If they havent got the size they should keep the website up to date to stop it from happening. I wont be ordering from them again since they have done it to me 3 times :|

    Let us know how your consultation goes :) xx

  3. I love that first pair, it's a shame that they were out of stock in your size :( That must be so annoying though!

    Good luck at your consultation, would love to hear how it goes :)

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  4. What a pain! That is poor that both companies did that to you!

    I do love the first pair!! But the second pair are nice too :)

    Good luck at your consultation!



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