Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cosmetic surgery consultation & weight update

On Friday I had a consultation booked for half 1 with The Hospital Group. Unfortunately me and Mr.A had an argument over money (as usual!) , he didn't get home from work in time to take me anyway :-( The good news is, I am booking another appointment for the Friday coming up and will definitely be going to this one! Mr.A was worried I would be forced into going ahead with the procedures and handing over the cash, he knows how convincing people can be when they want to make a "sale". Money is a big worry for us at the moment but I explained to him that there is no harm in me getting opinions and using this consultation as research, and have assured him I won't be "forced" into saying yes. 

Weight update...
I have lost a total of two pounds in the last two weeks :-) I am really pleased as I wasn't expecting to lose anything at all. With all the over eating at Christmas and lack of exercise the week before last, I was positive I would gain weight, but no! I am feeling much better now I'm back on track, hopefully the weight loss will continue and I will reach my goal of  9 and a half stone. 


  1. Good luck with the weight loss :-) xxx

  2. I am aiming to get in shape to. Im not fat by any means but just feel very uncomfortable with my shape at the mo! Im only a year older than u but just have the one child but i feel ur pain. Make a big difference to how u feel. I have been using a game on the wii my fitness coach to help me stay focused and so far so good. I think ur gorgeous anyway xxx

  3. Good luck lovely, I'm trying to get to my goal weight too this year! XXX

  4. Good luck with the weight loss, lovely :) I need to try and be healthier and exercise more this year!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  5. Oh haha I was jsut thinking of doing this today.. will probably put a poll like this in my blog soon :) ill vote aswell!. x

  6. Good luck with your weight loss :) I agree with you - think if you went for the consultation it will answer a lot of questions that are currently unanswered and will help with your decision. They can't make you say yes, and if they do then obviously the clinic isn't for you :) You go for it! See what they say theres no harm in that :)

    oo & i've I nominated you for the 'Cute Blog Award' - pop over to my blog for details if you want to do it too :) xx

  7. Thanks for voting on my poll yolanda :-)
    Thanks for the award beth, i think someone nominated me a few weeks ago for this too :-) x

  8. hey, holli! wishing you all the best on your weight-loss goals. :)

  9. Good luck with your weight loss! I need to lose weight...
    It's a good idea to have the consultation, they shouldn't really force you into anything. It'll just help you a lot with the decision making and answering any questions you may have, be brave :) It might put your mind and rest talking to the professionals.

    Just to let you know, I nominated you for the Cute Blog Award :) Really enjoy reading your blog!


  10. Sounds like women are more conscious for their appearance more than men. Now every weight watchers are like to chose cosmetic surgery way rather than natural way. I also want to loss weight. Hope i will get best guidance.

  11. Rhino plasty, I'm not seeking weight loss surgery. I've lost all the weight naturally.
    Good luck with your weight loss x


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