Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Credit Expert- Glad I signed up!

Non beauty related post but I thought it was worth mentioning.
UK readers are probably familiar with the old "credit expert" advert on TV... that funny little Chinese man that talks funny? 

See the advert here, he's a funny little thing...

Anyway... I hadn't taken much notice of the free 30 day trial they were offering until I applied for a loan with my bank...
I was rejected and couldn't think why, so I decided to sign up to The Credit Expert and I'm so glad I did!
I didn't really know what to expect but I have learnt quite a bit from it.
There are 3 negative factors affecting my credit score (which is low by the way, booo!) -

My account's status is currently filed as "Default".. It goes onto explain why... basically me and Mr.A opened a joint account last year and for some reason they kept charging us for going into our overdraft. So we had it out with them, it all blew up, Mr.A refused to pay them for a good 4 months. We eventually did and they closed the account. I didn't realise that this has effected both of our credit scores so much. As a result my account will remain in "Default" for SIX YEARS!! There's no way I'm getting a loan any time soon :-(

The second negative factor is the Electoral role. I never bothered to be on it before we got married, I didn't vote so I didn't bother adding my name to the roll, and to be honest I didn't really get what it was all about! I am on it now but because I wasn't previously it has had a negative effect on my score :-( 

Lastly, companies which had previously had "access" to my credit report have left "footprints" which gives a negative score. Things like applying for store cards (in my case a New Look card) or applying for a loan. For some reason a company called Express Gifts LTD has accessed my profile and I have no idea why! I've got to follow that one up.

There's lots of help on the website regarding your report, they show you ways of how to improve your score, and can match you up with suitable loan companies and insurers (without leaving those nasty footprints!)
I'm not going to pay £14.99 a month when my trial ends, there's no point. My account is in default for the next six years and there's nothing I can do about it :-( I'm so annoyed its been affected so badly! If there was something I was able to do though I definitely would, I'd keep my credit expert account and check my score over time to see how its improving. 

If you have been having trouble getting a loan or being accepted for finance I really do recommend using the 30 day trial offer with The Credit Expert. 

Click image above to visit the website.


  1. i have awarded you a award:) over on my blog.


  2. wow. it's terrible that something like that will affect you for so long. i guess it's a plus that you know why you can't get a loan/how long it will be though, rather than being in the dark. i have no clue about finances, so i'd be terrible at anything like this. haha.




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