Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My jewellery collection

A bit of a random post today but thought I'd show you all some of my jewellery :-)

(Click images to enlarge)

This is my side table where I keep my favourite perfumes (Vera Wang Princess, Valentino Rock and Rose, Disney Pixie Dust, Miss Dior Cherie, Marc Jacobs Daisy & Chloe) and my Jasper Conran jewellery box.

As you can see its not very organised, I need to set aside some time and go through it all!

There is a little story behind the Orange "friendship" bracelet on the right... When me and Mr.A were on our honeymoon in Ibiza, we came across the usual street buskers. We had always been careful not to catch their eye or allow them to start a conversation with us (you're probably aware what they are like!). Anyway... A group of Nigerian ladies walked infront of us and started telling me how beautiful I was and that she wished us a happy marriage etc.... Whilst she was waffling, herself and another lady were busy tying these bracelets onto us. I thought they were being really sweet so when they finished and said "These for you." I thought they were just being lovely (silly naiive Holli!). Then she did the good old rubbing of the fingers to indicate money. Before I knew it the ladies were walking off very fast waving, shouting thank you. I turned to husband and asked how much he had given them (thinking a couple of euros)..he'd only gone and given them a 20 Euro note thinking they'd give him CHANGE?!!? Stupid, stupid man! So we ended up paying 20 Euros for two cheap, tacky bracelets that fell apart when we got back to the hotel. Ha!


Left to right- Gold leaf earrings (can't remember where from!), Pale pink feather earrings (from Dorothy Perkins), Gold and pink chandelier earrings (Claire s Accessories I think), Imitation Juicy Couture earrings (Not sure where from as they were a present last year). Black and diamante wing earrings (Topshop), Silver and purple beaded dangly earrings (F&F at Tesco), Gold and pink earrings (Dorothy Perkins)

Left to right- Heart key and lockets (Claire s Accessories). Small crosses (Ebay). Large crosses (Forever 21). Silver chandelier earrings (New Look). Butterflies (New Look). Crosses (Ebay). Purple earrings (Ibiza). Sparkly red and silver ones (America). Silver dangly earrings (Peacocks).

The butterfly earrings  are really old and looking a bit worse for wear. I'm thinking of painting them over with a silver nail varnish to bring them back to life a bit!

Left to right- Black feather chain and beaded earrings (River Island). Peacock feathers (River Island). Turquoise feathers (Matalan)

All 3 pairs are HUGE. I love wearing them with simple dresses, statement earrings are the best! My favourite are the peacock feathers.


Left to right- Cross (Burtons menswear). Scrabble necklace (Ebay). Heart locket (Me and .Britney dog tag (Circus tour last year). Diamant√© cross (Burton menswear). Tiny cross on a very long chain (ASOS). Heart pendant (Not sure where its from, Mr.A bought it me in a set). Dpuble pink hearts (River Island). Vampire teeth (Claire s Accessories). Cute owl (Primark). Cake and fork (Claire s Accessories). Large feather pendant at the top (Topshop).

Gold spikey necklace (Miss Selfridge), Wooden beaded necklace (Primark)

The wooden beaded necklace looks fab with a maxi dress in the summer.


Left to right- Plastic pink rose (New Look). Large cream stone (Primark). Pale green ring (Unknown, won in a give away). Pink diamant√© flower (Debenhams). Orange/coral sparkly ring (Debenhams). Plastic heart (unknown). Silver ring (Spain).

I love the silver ring on the far right, I bought it from Spain a few years ago from a market. Its a little big so has to be worn on my thumb.

Top left clockwise- Plastic crystal bracelet (Unknown, gift). Precious stone bracelet (From a market years ago). Butterflies (New Look), Phantom of the Opera charm (London theatre). Purple beaded bracelet (New Look).

The precious stones bracelet means alot to me as my nan (who is no longer with us) bought me this when I was about 12 from a market we took her to.
The Phantom of the Opera charm bracelet isn't worn but I really love it. It's one of my favourite films (the version with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum in) and I was so excited to go see this in the theatre in London with my mum.

Alot of my jewellery is pretty old, I'm more of a make up and heels hoarder!


  1. You've got some lovely jewellery :) I love the large cream ring, I want to get some coloured stone rings! I really must sort my jewellery out, I got a jewellery stand for Christmas so it should hopefully motivate me to have a sort out! x


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