Wednesday, 18 January 2012

When plastic surgery goes too far

As you may know I am looking into getting a tummy tuck and breast implants (see post here) I have being doing my research and obviously looked into surgery going wrong. That got me thinking about celebrities that have had plastic surgery and gone way too far. The obvious one that sprung to mind was Michael Jackson but we all know what he looked like so theres not much point in me posting a photo of him. But here are some others, I'm sure you will be familiar with most of them...

Donatella Versace-

Jocelyn Wilderstein-

Latoya Jackson-

Pete Burns-

Priscilla Presley-

Leslie Ash-

Alicia Douvall (I couldn't find a before picture anywhere!)-

Victoria Beckham-

Tara Reid- 


  1. I think victoria looks better but thats not to say she wasn't beauutiful before hand but all the others have ruined themselfs but I guess that was their choice and I shouldn't judge them for that XX

  2. Oh dear! I bet they paid thousands to look like that to! I wonder if there happy with there reflection now? x

  3. I agree Danielle Rose, Victoria looks better now- her sense of style is fabulous, i love how she dresses and looks but the fake boobs were horrendous. They were like two balls stuck on her chest. The surgery was OTT, she would have looked better with more natural implants. Just my opinion though :-) x

  4. ugly.... but yes Victoria looks better now. I am following your blog pls visit mine, I hope fallow back

  5. I've never seen a before pic of Jocelyn Wilderstein, she was a nice looking woman! I do feel sorry for Tara Reid as her surgery went wrong, but I do wonder why she felt the need to get lipo in the first place! x

  6. I dont get why tara had it done either, emma. i know at some point she put abit of weight on but not enough to need surgery in my opinion.x

  7. When you see this pictures then one question comes in mind. What have they done to themselves? This is some of the bad examples of surgery for sure. But there are also good examples too. I found your blog very interesting. Shall we follow each other?

  8. They make theirselves look worse I can't see how they think they look better! Great post x

  9. wow...these pictures are so frightening... If only these women had just realized and appreciated their natural beauty in the first place - instead of destroying themselves :(


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