Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Delivery from Bershka

I had forgotten all about my purchase from Bershka until the delivery man knocked at my door not long ago. I am so impressed with the packaging I have photographed it to show you.

The paper insert is how to return unwanted items in lots of different languages.

Underneath my top was a black bag with "returns" printed on it. I love the fact they supply you with a postage bag.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"... yes I know it can come across as big headed but I don't care, I like it :-D

The dress on the lady is a lovely gold metallic. It looks alot more pricey than it actually is and I'm really happy that I bought it :-)

T-shirt available here for £9.99


  1. Thats lovely, you always buy such nice things.
    Nice packaging makes a huge different and I always find its the smaller, cheaper compaines that bother with it

  2. Hadn't heard of them before! Will check them out though, the top looks great. :) x x

  3. i absoloutely LOVE Bershka. I havent got one near me so i may have to make a few cheeky online purchases soon... :) love the top :) xx

  4. Beautiful stuffs. :)
    Now following you.


  5. ahah I just received a pair of shoes and was impressed by the packaging too!! ;)

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