Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My surprise delivery & me wearing my birthday suit

My lovely husband is away with the Army for a week, I am missing him lots and was feeling really down the other day. I answered the door today to see Mr Postman holding a big pink box. When I opened it up this is what I saw...

I did an excited little squeal and read the card... of course its from Mr.A :-)

I love little surprises like this, it shows me how much he still cares and that he's always thinking of me.

Now onto my birthday suit...(have you noticed this is my second post about being naked?! I have no idea why!)
As you may know from a previous post I am looking for a nude lipstick. Well, I popped into my local chemist today and ended up buying a Rimmel lippy...

I was a bit worried it might look a little dark on me (I am looking rather pale at the moment) but think it may suit me better when I get round to applying my fake tan.

It applied nicely, didn't make my lips look dry or flaky and felt really smooth and soft.
I like this colour and I WILL wear it, but I am still on the hunt for a perfect nude shade so please keep your suggestions coming :-)


  1. agggggh when you asked for Nude lipstick suggestions I should have mentioned this one!!!

    This one has been around for over 10 years!! When I was 16 you weren't "cool" unless you had this in your blazer pocket at school!! It was the only one we could all pretend didn't exist because make-up wasn't allowed!!

    You've reminded me about it.........I think I should re-purchase for old times sake!

  2. I hadn't heard of it before, just noticed it whilst in the Chemist lol.
    I joined Twitter by the way! Have no idea how to use it though!

  3. Thats so sweet!
    I love that colour lippy, I love lipsticks with cute names like that!

  4. I have this! It's a lovely colour. Have just found your blog - I have really enjoyed reading it so far :-) xxx

  5. That is a really interesting shade! Never seen one quite like it....I think I love it?! x x

  6. OO i like the colour :) It's nude without being too nude..? if that makes any sense whatsoever. :) I love Rimmel lippies.. they stay put quite well! xx

  7. Lol i know what you mean beth. Im going to do a fotd post soon and pair it with a black/grey smokey eye i think :-) x

  8. Oh that is so sweet that your boy got you flowers, I'm jealous. :( And that lipstick is lovely! x


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