Sunday, 8 January 2012

I need your helping getting Nude!

No no no, I'm not about to strip off! That would certainly crack your screen :-P
I need your help choosing a nude lipstick...

I have no idea what to look for as there as so many different shades, just the thought of it hurts my brain. I'd say my skin tone is neutral (although I am always umming and ahhing over this! When I look at the veins in my wrist they appear neither green or blue, but turquoise, which suggests neutral skin tone. But then I think silver jewellery suits me more, which suggests cool skin tone. But my mum thinks I'm on the warm side!) Oh my head hurts again....

So lets just go with neutral shall we?

Please, please, please comment if you can recommend a nude lipstick. I want something moisturising and not TOO pricey, although if it is absolutely fan-dabby-dozy and you think its worth every penny I'm not too fussed about price.


  1. I think MAC Creme D' Nude is the most fabulous nude lipstick. or myth :)

  2. The Barry M one I have is really nice. I did a blog post on it which i've pasted, go and take a look :] it's the only nude i love that isn't too pricey! e.l.f apparently do some nice nude colours although i haven't used them :/ may be worth youtubing e.l.f hauls? xx

  3. I reckon i must be a 'neutral' too.. i can never work out which one i am and red and blue both seem to suit my skin tone :\

    I have a few favourite ones.. i bought the natural collection one called "apple blossom" and i love that.

    Mac Creme D' Nude - i dont have this one but my friend does and im always pinching it when we go out and she has it in her make up bag!

    If you want a more pinky toned nude then Rimmel's "rose blush" is quite nice..or it might be "Pink blush" :\ the writing has rubbed off on mine but they have some nice ones :)

    Ive also got the Barry M one but although the colour is nice it makes me look a bit washed out and its very drying ..


  4. I just bought MAC Creme D'Nude and I'd say that shade suits everyone! I also think Revlon do some really nice nude shades for a cheaper price x

  5. I think MAC Shy Girl would perfectly suit any skin tone specially neutral ones.

  6. I'm in the same boat, I really want to try a nude, but because I wear red pretty much everyday, nudes look wrong on me! And I worry that it just looks like I've put foundation on my lips. Good luck in finding one! :) x

  7. I'm not an expert when it comes to lippy, but recent ones I've tried and loved are Models Own and the Maybelline ranges are quite moisturising so are worth checking out too :) Avoid Topshop like the plague if that's what you're after - their nude one is pants! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. I can't remember the shades, may actully look today but everyone is raving about Revlon lipsticks xxx


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