Saturday, 19 November 2011

Topshop Love

Im going into Newcastle tonight for my friends birthday. This will be the first time Ive been out since my hen-do which was 14 months ago! Im so excited, but a little nervous too. None of us have been to Newcastle for a night out before so have no idea wheres good to go... watch us end up in some working mens club for over 50's watching an Abba tribute. Haha! Would certainly be memorable. I will try and post an Outfit Of The Night before we leave but if not, it shall be up tomorrow. Im taking my camera with me so shall be posting lots of very drunk photos too :-)

Ive added more to my Christmas list, I hope Santa thinks Ive been good enough this year ;-)


  1. Love the suede platforms.

  2. Oooh have a fab time hun! I absolutely LOVE your wish-list espesh the cross vest! Gorgeous :)


  3. adore all of these! you definitely have a new follower! <3 xoxo

  4. Is it just me or has Topshop got really expensive lately?
    I love the Earings at the cream jumper next to them :) Xx


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