Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nivea tinted moisturiser

I first tried this at my mums and was instantly impressed so i had to order some for myself. It arrived this morning.
The bottle says- "Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Tinted Moisturising Day Cream enriched with light reflecting pigments and Vitamin E, provides the skin with essential intensive moisture and enhances your natural skin tone all day long."

It only comes in one shade which is "natural". In my opinion i think its a little dark for people with paler skin. I am pale but fake tan regulary and it suits my skin tone fine.

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As you can see in the pictures the cream makes your skin look so soft, it feels it too. Its is a light to medium coverage so any spots or serious blemishes would still be visible but its great to wear under foundation or on its own for "no makeup" days. I have it on today and it is very moisturising, my skin has a "glow" to it and looks very natural. It looks even better if used with Superdrugs Vitamin E Radiance cream (click here to see my post on it).

Nivea Visage Tinted Moisturiser available from Superdrug, £4.07. (click here to view)


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us :)
    This looks amazing i have pick one up now to try :) x

  2. i have just read every single of off your blog posts & your such an inspiration xxx your an amazing mum & wife keep blogging & stay strong xxxx

  3. Thankyou joanna, thats is so lovely of you to say x

  4. Looks good :) I like how it appears to have a bit of pink pigment in it :) Xx

  5. Oopsy, i forgot to mention it has pink hues to it. Not good if your skin is more orangey.


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