Monday, 7 November 2011

Meet my babies and the new addition!

Today i thought i would introduce you to my kiddies, Willow, Lily and Ozzy (yes thats his real name, not short for anything!) Willow is 6, Lily 2 and Ozzy 17 weeks.


Left to right- Willow, Lily and my nephew Harvey.

In other news, we have a new puppy! Both me and my dog Charlie were missing Eddie so we decided to get a springer spaniel pup, he's 9 weeks old and so hyper! Hes into everything and such hard work. I dont mind though, hes so cute and such a bundle of fun. Its really hard to get a decent photo of him as hes always running around!

Meet Alfie...

Looking abit scared in the car on the way home

Having a kip after his busy day

I was abit worried that it might feel as if we have replaced Eddie at first, and maybe it seems that way a little but we're not. No dog could ever take the place in my heart that Eddie had. Charlie was pining after him, wasnt eating, not his usual self and i was in bits. It made me feel so bad that Charlie had lost his best friend. Im keeping in contact with Eddies new family, they said hes settled in fine and doing great. Im so glad its all turned out okay, the last thing i wanted was for him to end up in a dogs home.

Oh yes, nearly forgot... I came home today to find a DHL failed delivery notice. The only parcel that i think it could be is my Louboutins! Im so gutted i wasnt in, they are being re-delivered tomorrow though so watch out for my post on them :-)


  1. Omg hollie they are soooo adorable! :o Your kids are like angels :). I wish I could have kids like em too (and pet well, cat perhaps lol). Im 24 but Im still single lol :\

  2. Ahh thanks teli. Nothing wrong with being single! More money and time to spend on yourself :-) x

  3. what lovely pics, thanks for sharing x

  4. You've got a gorgeous family! you should be so proud :) <3

  5. aaw your kiddies (and puppy!) are just so beautiful. My daughter is almost 20 weeks, I really want four more.. I want some boys! haha

  6. Your children are adorable, I love Lily's big grin in that picture :) Your new pup looks like a little cutie too :) xx

  7. Your kids are beautiful :)
    Awww such a cute pup :)
    My mum and my brother both have 2 springers they are lovely dogs so full of character :) Xx

  8. Nikkay- i love having a boy! Hes a bigger pain than the girls were though, whinges alot and hes mega clingy. We wanted 4 but 3 has proven enough work for now lol.

    Thanks sadie and claire :-)


  9. So sweet!
    My Son is 17 weeks old too!



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