Monday, 28 November 2011

Essie Luxeffect polishes & a little rant!

I'll start with a rant so I can end this post in a positive way...
First off, I have dandruff... real bad dandruff. I have only just noticed! I've never had it before so why now? Could it be the weather? My head was itching so i scratched and it looked as if it were snowing, wtf?! Looks like i better go stock up on the Head and Shoulders.
Secondly, Alfie has been on a destructive rampage. Whilst i was cleaning in the kitchen he managed to rip up the carpet in the living room, chew one of the girls dolls to bits and gnaw through a wire for the surround sound. Oh and he peed everywhere! I am fuming but its my own stupid fault for leaving him, i could kick the face...hard.
3rd rant... I have no airer to put my wet washing on...silly rant i know but its so frustrating! My dryer likes to shrink things so i refuse to put certain items of clothing in it so the only other option is to use the little peg thing thats for small items. So now i have my granny pants hanging in the window (theres nowhere else to hang it where the dog can't reach).
Lastly, there is NO FOOD in the house. Theres enough for the kids but not for me. Theres hardly any milk left so cereal is off the menu. Pay day isn't until Wednesday, it can't come quick enough. Living of Cadburys highlights hot chocolate is not filling!

Phew, i feel much better now.
Right, onto the nail polishes...

Wow! I am in love. I never thought i would get like this over nail varnish but i have. After seeing this post on The PolishAholic I have decided these have to be mine.

Essie's Luxeffect Collection

Left to right- As gold as it gets, Shine of the times, A cut above, Set in stones and Pure pearlfection.

I have fallen in love with what The Polishaholic has done with them...

I believe this collection isn't out until December in the UK (please correct me if im wrong) but some Ebay sellers from overseas are selling it, a tad overpriced though.

What do you think?


  1. I love the first Essie nailvarnish. Also head and shoulders never works on dandruff it just comes back after you us it, theres one by KMS which works wonders

  2. Ooh thanks for the advice Beauty Fend, Im going to google KMS.

  3. Ooh I love the pink one! Can't wait to get my hands on it!! Also, be careful with the Head & Shoulders it can tend to fade colour pretty fast :-)

  4. Those glittery polishes look amazing! x

  5. holy cow, these are GORGEOUS!!! i need these on my Christmas list!!! :) thanks for posting!

  6. I love the nails in the bottom middle picture, soo pretty :) xx

  7. Thanks for the advise becks, i dont want my colour to fade! Going to buy some KMS stuff when i get paid :-)

    These polishes are going on my list too although i think Mr.A has already gt my presents :-( my birthday is january 3rd though!



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