Sunday, 27 November 2011

NOTD- Midnight Blue & Monster High hunt!

This weekend has been tough, we are so skint! Pay day isn't until Wednesday so until then we are poor :-( I had to borrow £10 from my friend yesterday to get some essentials. All my stuff on Ebay sold so my Paypal account was quite full, its a shame you can't use it to pay for groceries! I've used it to get some of the girls Christmas presents. I've been trying to get my hands on a Monster High Draculaura doll for Willow, but its sold out everywhere! I've managed to find it in a set with another doll (Clawd Wolf) for £30 but its the "Dawn of the Dance" doll she wants. I love the Monster High dolls, they are so funky.
 Last year I had to track down a Barbie Puppy Swim School, i ended up paying a stupid amount for it and she's only played with it once! Kids! Lily is easy to buy for, anything Mickey Mouse or Toy Story and she's happy. When the kids had gone to sleep last night i decided to design a new header for my blog, Christmas themed! I haven't decided when i'm going to put it up yet, might be the 1st of December when the advent calender opening starts. That reminds me, i need to get the girls some! 

Draculaura Dawn of the Dance doll, I need to find this!

Onto my NOTD-
The nail wraps i applied the other day started to bore me. I've got to admit, their staying power is great. Washing up, bathing kids, cleaning and general wear and tear didn't budge them. The only thing i noticed was the very edges of my nails had gone abit white but nothing really noticeable. By now, nail varnish would have chipped. So thumbs up Nail Rock, I'm impressed!
I decided to try out MUA's nail polish, I picked up shade 1 from Superdrugs website and applied it last night. It was hard to be neat with the rubbish lighting in our house but here was the result after two coats...

It wasnt very easy trying to pick up the delicate blue sparkles in this nail varnish with my camera. It looks much nicer in real life. Its a sort of deep purple with dark blue sparkle, from a distance it almost looks black.

I tried to capture its true colour here

Considering this nail polish is only £1.00 I am very happy with it. It was easy to apply, dried pretty quick and has given a nice result. I'm definately going to try more nail polishes from MUA.

MUA nail polish in shade 1 is available to buy here, £1.00

What do you think?


  1. I'd love to try some MUA but they dont have it in my local superdrug! think I'll need to do an online shop! the colour is great :) xxx

  2. I've just noticed two nails have chipped already! :-(
    Definately order online from superdrug, its free delivery til christmas x

  3. wow love the colour of that nail varnish :) Xx


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