Tuesday, 22 November 2011

There's nothing a Baileys Hot Chocolate can't solve

This is precisely what I am doing right now. I have made myself a Cadburys highlights hot chocolate and added a shot (or two) or Baileys Irish Cream, mmmm!
I don't usually drink but my friend left a bottle of my all time favourite tipple from the weekend. Today has been stressful so I've treated myself.

If you don't want to read a blog post full of ranting, swearing and whinging then click the cross now...

Rant 1... The postman...
I was expecting a parcel (my glossybox to be precise) and saw the postman walk past my front window. I waited eagerly for the doorbell to ring or for a knock at the door. Instead I heard the letterbox. "Godammit, my glossybox hasnt come today" I thought, so I went to the door to find the dreaded red note... "Sorry you were out". What?! I wasnt out, i was in, sitting right here, a few metres away from the door! So i run out and catch the postman walking off. I call him back and his excuse was "Oh i rang your doorbell, it can't be working" He then goes back to his van and fetches my parcel (which is my glossybox, yay!). Mr postman obviously had no intention of delivering my parcel though as he hadn't even bothered to bring it to my door, instead he just gave me a missed parcel card. WHY? He's a lazy b*stard thats why! This is the second time hes done this to me and i think its disgusting. By the way, my doorbell works fine, i tested it as soon as Postie had gone.
So instead of letting it go like i have before I decide to write an email of complaint to the Royal Mail. Trying to contact the Royal Mail is about as easy as trying to toilet train a Springer Spaniel puppy with mental problems (rant number two is creeping in here). Their "contact us" page had no form to fill in. Their "email us" link was linked to nothing. Their phone number was experiencing technical difficulties. I still cant get through!

Rant 2- Alfie and his toilet habits...
Now I have had two dogs as puppies before Alfie so i know toilet training can take its time... but Alfie is taking the p*ss! Literally! 
When we first got him he was pretty much toilet trained, he whimpered to go out and peed and pooped outside. Then he started doing the odd piddle in the living room, then a poop every now and again. I did the usual, ignored him, put him outside then praised him whenever he did his business in the garden. I leave my back door open all day so Alfie can access the garden whenever he wants but he is now peeing everywhere in my house! Every 5 minutes there is a wet patch on my carpet and its sooo hard not to get mad! I really haven't a clue on what to do now. Puppy pads aren't an option, he won't use them, just rips them to shreds instead. 

Rant 3- Our EX electricity supplier...
First Utilities to be exact. We switched from them ages ago (or rather, we TRIED to, they made it so difficult). Since then we have had a constant stream of letters through the door saying we owe them money. WE DON'T. We paid them what we owed when we eventually left them and about 2 months ago after another "you owe us" letter we rang them and they told us all our debts to them were cleared so ignore the letter. Then today we get a letter from a bloody Solicitor on behalf of First Utilities saying that we owe them £13. My husband was on the phone to them for ages, arguing and got nowhere. It ended with me grabbing the phone and telling the First Utilities idiot that I work for a newspaper and shall be writing about how cr*p they are. I didn't give him chance to reply, i put the phone down in a rage. I don't work for a newspaper by the way, it was a fib, naughty Holli.

Rant 4- Lack of exercise...
I like my exercise, actually i dont like it...i LOVE it. It keeps me sane, its something to look forward to on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. I go to Zumba Toning when my husband comes home from work. This week however, I can't go at all :-( Mr.A is on exercise with the Army so won't be home. There's nobody up here to babysit for me so I can't go. After the excessive eating and alcohol consumption at the weekend i am desperate to work out, if i put weight on i will go insane. Some of you may think i'm being silly but exercise and my weight is very important to me...to the point where i am obsessive. Lack of exercise = one grumpy Holli.

Rant 5- Christmas and no money...
I think alot of people can relate to this one. Each month is tight, we never seem to have much left over after all the important things have been paid for. We haven't bought one single Christmas present yet and there is only one more pay day before the big day. I am usually so organised and start buying bits in October but this year wasn't able to. We are relying on the money that someone owes us to buy presents this year... which leads onto rant number 6.

Rant 6- My husbands so-called "friend"
At the beginning of the year we had a small car that we needed to sell in order to buy a big one for when Ozzy was born. My husband was paying for the car on finance, £155 a month. His friend at work said he was interested in buying the car from us and was able to give us the remaining balance in full within 3 months. He gave us the first £1000 straight off and promised us the rest the following month. My husband handed over the car, trusting his friend (me on the other hand was furious he gave him the car without all the money but when do men ever listen to their wives?). The next month arrived but no money... we tried contacting this "friend" but he had vanished, we then found out he had moved batallion and was now based in Scotland, he never told us this. He dissapeared from facebook and we couldnt get through to his phone. We visited his mum who lives local to us and was informed he owes her thousands of pounds to which she has seen nothing of. Great... no car, no money and we were still forking out £155 a month for it. We had to get out a loan to buy another car so we are paying that off too. Eventually this friend got in touch and said he would pay us the £155 a month to cover the finance payments which he did until now. He now owes us over £600, he still has the car, we are still forking out each month for it and he is just coming up with excuses. He likes to pull the sympathy card alot too, using his son as an excuse. His girlfriend has promised us half the money in December, im not holding out too much hope though.

I will stop whinging now, i feel a little better getting these things off my chest. The taste of Baileys has gone from my mouth and if i have another i'll be as drunk as a skunk so for now i think i shall try this...

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  1. Urghh, Don't even get me started on Postmen and their little red cards. The amount of times I've been sat in all day waiting for something, to find a soggy wet card at my back door, which doesn't even have a letter box!!!!

    Chin up, I hope things start working out soon :)



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