Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lick my Leopard

Strange name for a title I know but there is a reason behind it. My husband loves smooth shiny nails, whenever i have painted them he likes to test their smoothness by licking them (yes he is a strange man). This time however, i haven't used nail polish but nail wraps instead. I received them in this months Glossybox and was thrilled that they were leopard print ones. I did them last night...

Aren't they fab? 
They were fairly easy to apply, it was my first time using them so it took me quite a while to do the first hand but once id got the hang of it they applied much quicker. 
It says on the instructions to take the shine off your nail then apply the nail wrap (which is just like a sticker). You are then meant to fold the edges over the tip of your nail but i just couldn't do it, it wasn't sticking over the edge no matter what. So i missed that step and just filed the edges off. Two of my nails had to be re-done as the edges were tatty and weren't sticking too well (probably because i had fiddled with them quite abit).
I dont think they are going to last very long on me, i do alot of cleaning and washing up everyday. I've noticed this morning that one of the nail wraps has started to lift at the tip slightly, I just know im going to end up messing with it.
I don't know if i would buy these in the future, i think £6.65 is a little steep for something you can only use once. If there was a special occasion however i might change my mind, as im not skilled enough to re-create this kind of effect myself.

Here are some of the other designs available...

I love the larger leopard print ones.

Whilst on the website i noticed they also do Eye rocks! I LOVE them! Im definately going to get some for the Christmas party season...

My favourite is the 3rd one, Glimmer AB (how fab would these look with my Louboutins?!)

Nail rocks are available here from around £6.00
Eye Rocks can be bought here from around £20.00

Have you tried any of these yet? What about the Lip Rocks they also do?


  1. These are amazing! I can't believe I have only ever heard bad things about nail wraps, they look so so good! I agree with you that nearly £7 is a little steep for something you can only use once but I love them! xoxo

  2. I wanted the leopard print ones soooo bad but ended up with the black and white polka dots! I may have to go out and buy those ones cause they look fab! X

  3. Annie, i dont know why they get such negative reviews either. I love the fact you dont have to wait for them to dry so once they are applied you can just get on with things or go straight out without worrying you will smudge them.
    I have cleaned, washed up, exercised and had a shower so far and they are still on as good as when i first applied.X

    Char, i saw a few people had black and white stripey ones before i got my box, i was praying i didnt get them lol x

  4. How gooorgeous are these! I love leopard print but I sometimes find it really overpowering - this is the perfect little flash :)


  5. Yeah it can be abit OTT cant it. I have a leopard print fake fur coat, my husband hates it and refuses to go out with me if i wear it haha.

  6. These look good for a night out but I agree the price is a little steep – I can see them coming off quite easily as I do tend to put my nails through a l;ot.

  7. these are soooo cool! i love the micro quality of the design... meoooww :)))

  8. Very beautiful this "nailpolish"!!
    Skip to visit me, I'd appreciate your views on my page .. about a project that is close to myheart.

    A hug ♥
    Staff PIUSC!

  9. It looks like you did a much better job of applying these neatly than I did! :) They look great xxxx

  10. wow love the leopard print I got some of these nails in my Glossybox going to try them out later :) Xx

  11. wow these looks amazing!! <3 i love it haha
    i love the leopard print!


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