Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Feeling sorry for myself

Four years ago i had a gland in my neck removed. It had developed calcium stones so my salivary gland was blocked. After having it removed the scar wouldn't heal, so i was back for a second operation to clean out any possible infection. Since then its been fine, up until 2 months ago that is...
A lump started to appear in my neck, underneath my scar, it was painful and after about a week the lump had come onto the outside of my neck, it was red and nasty. The Dr prescribed me antibiotics which didn't help. The lump got bigger, more painful then started to puss and bleed (sorry for the grossness!). A different lot of antibiotics were given to me which cleared it up within a week. 
A week ago today my neck started hurting and i noticed under my scar was going hard. A few days later it was a lump again which turned into another red, sore lump on the outside of my neck, The Dr has prescribed the antibiotics that worked before but double the dose this time. If the lump is still there in 2 weeks i am to have surgery again :-(  So now i am taking 8 tablets, along with an anti depressant in one day. I was warned they might aggravate my stomach...might?! 
I was up last night puking my insides up! My stomach felt as if someone was twisting it round and round then poking it with something sharp. I couldn't even keep water down.
This morning the kids woke up early, husband had to go off to work and we had no food in the house. I mustered some energy to get the kids ready to go to the local shop. Just as we were about to leave i rememberd Mr.A had my bank card. This was half 9 in the morning, kids were starving, i was dizzy, baby whinging, dog chewing my new leggings...i wasn't a happy bunny. Mr.A promised me he would come back from work so i only had to wait half an hour. Half an hour turned into 2 and a half hours. By now the toast (with no butter on!) that i had given to the kids earlier had stopped doing its job of keeping them satisfied and they were driving me crazy.
Eventually Mr.A arrived with food (hurray!) and my bank card. He apparently got held up at work, understandable, the Army can be idiots sometimes. 
I decided after my crappy night and even crappier start to the day I deserved a treat....

Chocolate and gossip mags :-)

I have only taken one antibiotic today and so far dont feel sick. I've only had 3 chocolates though just incase.

Was looking forward to going Christmas shopping at the Metro Centre tomorrow but it looks as if Mr.A can't get the day off work, his boss is being a meanie (to put it nicely).

What makes you feel better when you are feeling sorry for yourself?


  1. Aww no sorry to hear you've not been feeling well and had a bit of a rough day. Treating yourself sounds like exactly what you needed :) I think a little treat works wonders when you're not feeling your best! Hope you get chance to chill out this evening and enjoy the chocolates and magazines! x

  2. I hope that you feel better soon, love!! It is no fun to be feeling like crap. :(
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