Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My DIY Bag

If you saw my shopping spree post yesterday you will know i bought a plain bow clutch bag and wanted to customise it with Swarovski crystals. Well ive done it!
The super glue i was originally going to use didnt work, it just soaked into the fabric of the bag. So instead i used Shoe Goo...

This did the trick!

So my bag went from this...

To this...

Much better don't you think? I think its pretty good for my first attempt. The Shoe Goo is very sticky and strings alot so its quite hard not to get it on the crystals. It should dry clear though so wont be too noticable unless to look very closeup.

It now matches the sparkles on my shoes and the earrings i have bought. Im going to wear them on Saturday night, its my friends birthday and we are all going to Newcastle. Its my first outing since I had Ozzy in July, Im so excited!

Also, Mr.A bought me this jumper the other day but its way to big. Its a 16-18 and im a size 12. So i am selling it on Ebay if anyones interested...

Click here to view it on ebay.


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  2. what you did to the bag was great x

  3. Such a simple but really cute idea!!!

  4. Love what you did to the clutch bag! Very creative :) owww I love the jumper giving it a sneaky watch on eBay :) hehe Xx I'm a 10-12 but love wearing jumpers oversized Xx

  5. a little bling goes a long way :)) great post!!

  6. What a great idea looks so pretty :)


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