Friday, 11 November 2011

NOTD- Purple blue sparkle

I really need to buy some washing up gloves, my nails are getting ruined. They have gone all weak and as you can see in the picture one of them had to be filed down short. I hate it when you have just the odd short nail!

Today i have gone for a glittery purple blue...

I used Saffron purple blue glitter No5 over the top of Front Cover's Deep Purple...

I love the different colours in the Saffron polish. It has lovely rainbow colours in it if you look closely. I took this picture blurred so you can get some idea of it...

I only used one coat of the glitter but looks even sparklier with two coats. I didnt have time to do another layer, might add it later.

Saffron polish available from this Ebay seller for £1.99. Bargain!
Front Cover polish available in a set here. £12 for 7 nail varnishes and 2 files.

I know this next photo is nothing to do with nails but thought id show you the effect my Louboutins give off, i found it difficult to get a good enough photo when i first posted about them. This is the best i can get...

Click to enlarge


  1. Can't get over how gorgeous those shoes are!.

  2. The Louboutins look amazing! :) x

  3. Loving the Front Cover polish colour!!

  4. Nice nails and those shoes make me green with envy haha they are simply stunning Xx


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