Saturday, 5 November 2011

New dress, NOTD and green tan!

Hello little dragons, today ive decided to show you a dress i ordered from, it arrived this morning and i love it! Im thinking i can wear it with big earrings and heels for a night out or with flat boots and a biker jacket for in the day.

(Click to enlarge)

Its such a lovely material, really light and floaty, feels quite silky too. Im wearing it here with platform boots that i got from topshop last year.

I re-did my nails last night....

I used Collection 2000s Damson Jam and Ruby Sparkle by Accessorize...Perfect for the Christmas Party season i think!

Onto the fake tan disaster So last night after having a shower, i sprayed my deodrant then proceeded to apply my fake tan (by Laurens Way). I did half my body then accidently wiped my freshly sprayed armpit with the tanning mitt. Because i tan regularly i dont use a mirror. Wish i had this time though. I continued to fake tan, then noticed my right arm looked slightly green. I looked in the mirror and saw that all the parts id tanned after accidently wiping my armpit had gone green. I looked ill! My husband came upstairs and just laughed at me. Luckily when i washed it off this morning i was a lovely golden colour, not green. Thank goodness! Note to self... DO NOT apply deodrant before tanning in the future!

Vero Moda dress available here, £27
Accessorize nail polish in ruby sparkle available here, £4
Collection 2000 Damson Jam polish available here, £2.99


  1. Hello! Nice to meet a fellow mommy. Your blog is awesome!

  2. Love the dress! Gorgeous nails, loving Ruby Sparkle!


  3. Ahh that dress is so pretty! :D!
    Also I've been wanting to try laurens way for soooo long but the cheapness and convince of st moritz is just to much, may venture and try it soon though.

  4. Thanks AdamAlexMommy :-)
    Meakeup Meoww, i was a st moriz fan before i got laurens way. I saw a review on it and it was compared to the darkest shade of Xen tan which ive always wanted to try but couldnt justify spending £40 on it. St moriz never seems to take to my shins for some reason and to get the cour i like i need about 3 applications. With Laurens way i only need one :-) so i think, as im using less im saving in the long run ;-)

  5. You look stunning in your dress! Wow! :D <3

  6. Nice nails
    Adding those two nail varnish colours together makes your nails look stunning Xx

  7. Cheers me dears!
    Claire, it chipped the next day so i had to take it off :-( i have barry m mushroom on now (thinkthats what its called) not half as pretty! X


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