Saturday, 12 November 2011

Free mascara & Ebay purchases

Everyone has been going crazy for Glamour magazine as they are giving away Nails Inc nailvarnishes. I picked up mine yesterday and got the colour "Tate" its a gorgeous deep red. I love it.
Company magazine are currently giving away a mascara. It is double ended, one side being an undercoat for length and the other is the top coat for volume.


There is no brand name, it simply says Build it, Lash it.

The undercoat, a strange silver colour


Its not the greatest mascara ive used but for free i cant really complain. It didnt really add much length to my lashes and the photo above was after a good 3 or 4 coats.

I ordered an oversized David Bowie top from an Ebay seller, it came today and i love it!

Top from this Ebay seller, £8.82.
They have lots of other prints too.
Necklace from New Look 2 years ago, i only recently found this out, i thought i had lost it!

I recently bought these earrings from Ebay aswell...

I love them, they are so tiny (the photo makes them look alot bigger) about 1 cm long.
They came in a lovely sparkly drawstring pouch and would make lovely Christmas presents. The seller has lots of other jewellery, all really cheap.

Cross earrings £1.35 (Bargain!) from this Ebay seller.

This weekend I am at my mums, we are introducing Alfie to the family, so far everyone loves him although he is chewing everything he comes across!

What are you upto this weekend?


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment because now Ive found your wonderful little corner of the Internet!

    This mascara looks a brilliant freebie!
    I also am a sucker for ebay and oversized tops! <3 lovely purchases *subscribes*


  2. Ahh thanks for subscribing :) i am following you now, fab blog!

  3. Great buys thanks so sharing, might have to get those earings!

  4. Harry is exactly the same at the mo, poor teething baby!


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