Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bronze Ambition Bronze Me Mousse

I applied the Bronze Me Mousse last night before bed. It is an instant  + self tan which means it is brown on application then develops over time. You then wash the guide colour off to get the true results. After being dissapointed by Bronze Ambitions instant spray tan yesterday i had high hopes for the mousse.

Blobbity blob

I applied the mousse with my trusty tanning mitt. I've got to say it goes on really well and smells amazing, reminds me of Malibu, mmmm!
It was easy to blend in and didn't get caught up in my rough patches (knees, elbows and my strange big toe which always goes hideously dark with fake tan, haha)
The instant colour was pretty dark so when i woke up this morning i looked like i'd be down a coal mine!
My face was the worst, but i find it always looks silly once tan has developed with any product i use.
I jumped in the shower to wash off the guide colour and am very pleased with the results :-)

As you can see there is an obvious difference. It is a nice golden colour, not orange like some of the cheaper fake tans. It has gone slightly darker around my knees and elbows but that was expected. My strange toe on the other hand hasn't! 
Apart from the colour another important part of fake tan is the smell. I really dislike the biscuit/beefy smell it can give off. I'm happy to say that Bronze Ambition has none of that! It smelt a bit beefy whilst the colour was developing but since washing it off there is no smell what so ever :-)

I will definitely purchase this self tan mousse again, for £3.99 it has given me a lovely golden colour and the smell reminded me off my honeymoon in Ibiza (and thats always a good thing!). I'm not sure if it will replace my usual Laurens Way tanning lotion, that depends on how long it lasts and what the fading results are. I find Laurens Way lasts a long time and you don't get that horrid patchiness.

Bronze Ambition Bronze Me Mousse is available here for £3.99

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  1. I have this somewhere in my stash but I was trying to use up my other self-tanners before, but now you make want to try this!


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