Thursday, 24 November 2011

Help Me!

I NEED this!!

Its on the Forever 21 website but I cant find it to buy anywhere :-(
There isn't a store near me either *cries*

I am Little Mermaid obsessive to the point where i grew my hair super long, dyed it red and had a huge fringe put it. I know all the words to the whole film and went through a phase where i watched it everyday for a week without fail. Sad i know
I have a few Little Mermaid t-shirts but this jumper is better than them all put together. I dont just want this, i NEED it.

If you know where i can get one, if you have one you're willing to sell or are able to get one from a Forever 21 store PLEASE let me know! PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAASSSEEE!!!

I'm so desperate i held my breath whilst writing that....


  1. If I'll have time - I'll check it out for you next week in Oxford Street. But PearlsandPoodles blogging lady is going to F21 in Westfield tomorrow, so maybe ask her nicely. ;) X

  2. Aww thanku :-) thats really nice of you!

  3. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was only available for a limited time and to American's rather than our Forever21!

    My friend Kelly ordered it, and it was sold out almost straight away :(

    Tess xx

  4. :-o noooooo!
    Right... I need someone in america to get me one and ship it over, haha.

  5. It is so pretty, I'm sure you'll be able to track it down the internet sure is big enough.

  6. You can get t-shirts like this on truffle shuffle :] i'm little mermaid obsessed as well, but can never seem to find anything in my size. ebay has a few things as well, so it may be worth checking it out there xx


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