Sunday, 20 November 2011

My night in Newcastle (& mini weight update)

Well... last night was an experience! 

I have never seen so many people out in all my life. The place was rammed.
Unfortunately I didnt manage to take an Outfit Of The Night photo. I ended up rushing a little as i couldn't decide what to wear. In the end I wore my Louboutins, the black dress I featured in this post, and the black bow clutch bag that i customised with Swarovski crystals. The earrings I wore were the ones I blogged about here (first photo of earrings). I also put on a navy blue 3/4 length sleeved blazer from New Look (bought last year) and i'm so glad I did because it was freezing!

We ended up in one club that was so full we couldn't move. It was so hot in there and people were just pushing past without a care in the world. I got very drunk and whilst crossing the road I fell over, haha! It was strange though because i sort of pre-empted it, before i fell i told my friend Lou that i was going to fall in the road and get run over. I was more worried about my shoes than anything else though, haha. I ended up taking them off and carrying them down the road!

I had an amazing drink called a Russian Bride, i cant remember exactly what was in it but it was creamy, white with a hint of coffee mmmm! The birthday girls boyfriend bought us all a round of Jaegerbombs (eeewww!), then my friend Jade treated us to some shots, I had chocolate orange flavour, it was sooo nice! The bakewell tart flavoured one smelt amazing too. For the rest of the night I drank Gin and lemonade and shared a Coco Cobana pitcher with my sister (Malibu, pinapple sours and lemonade).  

The night ended with us eating chicken wraps and cheesy chips in a kebab shop. Why does food taste so good at the end of a drunken night? 
I was so hungover this morning, I swear i'm getting too old for this kind of thing!

Here are a few photos from the night...

My sister and her boyfriend

My friend Jade on the left, Fiona the birthday girl on the right.

My friend Lou

Jade picked her eyelashes off at the end of the night which we thought was hilarious!

Me and Jade in the taxi on the way there.

Me abit drunk....

Louise giving me some love after our cheesy chip feast

The totty in Newcastle!

What did you get up to this weekend?

I weighed myself last weekend and had only lost 1 pound in nearly 2 weeks :-( but that same day I came on so i'm guessing (and hoping!) that the rubbish weight loss was to do with that. However, Ive decided NOT to weigh myself tomorrow been as I had a naughty chicken wrap, chips, copious amounts of alcohol AND a krispy kreme donut (or two!) this weekend! Tut tut Holli, back on the diet!


  1. What a fabby time you had . Id hazard a guess that your drink had tia maria in it as thats what a white/black russian is made from xxx

  2. Hey Holli, what a great night out!

    Keep up the good work on the diet front - I know how hard it is - believe me. I've been slipping A LOT lately and feel bad about it, but just need to face tomorrow with better attitude (and NO NUTELLA FOR ME!). ;) X

  3. Newcastle is SUCH good night out! My friend is at uni there and when i visited I didnt want to come back!.


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